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Announcing Pregnancy for Fifth Child

Older woman in glassesHow would you tell family and friends you were pregnant with your fifth child, when mostly all of them think 1 or 2 children is plenty….. Thanks so much in advance

  •  I’ve just had my 5th & people always have an opinion on things that don’t have an impact on them..who cares what people think! As long as your happy that’s all that matters!   Amanda
  • I’m preg with my 9th and no longer care what the familoes think babies are such a gift and which 1 would they have u give back so u can fit their ideal ?? Congrats enjoy it and be happy and proud.   Karen
  • I got my older kids to have the pleasure of breaking the news to family on phone. They couldnt be anything but positive to the kids and by the time we spoke they had already digested the info and didnt say anything.   Bunni
  • With a big smile on your face, as proud as punch that you are blessed with another precious miracle. As a now mummy who took nearly 20years of trying to have a baby I say be proud good luck.   Kathryn
  • Announce with pride!! All babies are precious! Some families are complete with 1-2kids, but obviously yours isn’t! Be happy with the amazing journey you are on, it’s your family, and your baby! Congrats and all the best!!   Beck
  • CONGRATULATIONS! Speaking as someone who thinks two is plenty… for us. I think big families are great. And I think childless families are great. Whatever suits. Maybe they’ll be more supportive than you’re thinking? I’d share every pregnancy as if it’s the first!  If you want a fifth child then it is no-one elses business but your own.  AJ
  • They should be happy for you no matter how many children u have congrats and yell it out to the world pregnancy is a beautiful thing good luck xx   Cara
  • Studies have shown those with larger families are often happier and closer. I have friends with 10 kids and friends with 1 kid, I am always happy for them if they decide to bring another family member to the world.
    Look up the Duggar Family they have 21 kids and are proud as punch with each new addition, and the whole family is happy and close. If you and your little expanding family are happy, bugger everyone else, tell them to take a hike if they don’t like it.I like things to be even, so you need to go for #6 so nobody is left out of the 3 legged race hehe   Erin
  • Exciting news guys we are pregnant again…… Simple.   Steff
  • I am due with #5 in just over 3 months. I was apprehensive about telling our families as we’d said we were ‘done’ and had given all of our baby gear away mid last year. I knew my family was concerned as pregnancy is not kind to me, but apart from being surprised they have all been very positive (as have our friends). My hubby, kids and I are so excited – I think that helps guide other’s reactions. Crazy, busy and exciting times ahead!   Jessie
  • I just let the grapevine work. The only people I told face to face was my Mother. I didn’t want other people’s disapproval interfere with my happiness. I had my fifth child in Feb.   Michelle
  • Good for you be blessed! Why people can’t be nice is beyond me, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything. Children are precious, just enjoy yourself, tell Them when you’re showing and not before xxx   Debbie
  • Whenever you feel ready! Your going to get the negative comments from those who think they know best. As long as there is love to share, roof over everyone’s head and a full belly before bed then your doing fine!   Alison
  • Just tell them it is their problem if they have issues not yours. They will say annoying things but be proud and just laugh it off. Just think of all those big Christmases etc that you will have and they won’t.   Rosalie
  • Just tell them straight out. On a side note perhaps find out why they think that and then reassure them. They are probably just concerned for you and your children, so if you reassure them that you are more than ready financially, emotionally or whatever their concern is then hopefully they will just be happy for you.   Katrina
  • It’s no ones business but your how many kids you have! Your true friends will know it’s okay and other well bugger them!   Natasha
  • Congratulations first of all. Im pregnant with #4, my youngest will be 18mths wen this ones due. I expected lots of negative comments, but so far so good. A few ‘oh ur crazy’ but said with a chuckle.or “you are having a fifth child?”  Its your family, your choice so try hard not to let anyones reactions interfere with what is an exciting time for your family. And if they cant be supportive then thats their issue.x   Michelle
  • Why can’t people just be happy for each other and not say anything negative or nasty.Tell them when you are ready or don’t tell them at all.Let them guess.If you get any negative comments just tell them you couldn’t be happier.xxxooo   Kerry
  • I would do so in a fun, joking way. “I know you think we’re crazy for having 4 kids, and hey, maybe I am, but we are excited to announce that we’re having a fifth child.! I hope that you will support our decision to make our family complete.” only say it if you have a sense of humor. I would let their comments wash right off your back if they are negative.   Melissa

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