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10 Adorable Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

It’s definitely one of life’s greatest pleasures, finding out you’re pregnant, but as a woman we often find out in less romantic and glamorous ways, from a wee on a stick or from a needle and blood test. Of course, this doesn’t make the news any less special, but it does give us a head start as to how we can announce the news to our partners, our children and even our friends and family.

From grand gestures to little intimate notes, I have compiled my favourite ways to deliver the news of your upcoming arrival. If you’re in this boat, congratulations – you are sure to find inspiration here…

Beginning with the other member critical to your exciting news – the baby daddy, this is an adorable way to spread the excitement in an instant. Image credit.
announce your pregnancy ideas
Or if you want to splurge a little bit whilst telling your partner, this adorable ‘peas in a pod’ concept will be sure to be a keepsake for years to come…Cuteness overload! Available on Etsy for about $18.

Pregnancy Announcement
If you tend to be a bit more of a prankster, there would always be this option… good old ‘bun in the oven’ jokes, do they ever go out of fashion? The one on the left is a fancy retro-inspired photo shoot idea, the one on the right (a relative of mine, used with their approval!) is an easy one to clone at home sure to be a hit with your nearest and dearest 575 friends on Facebook…! Bun In the OvenWhen it comes to the extended family, this adorable bird spool is sure to leave a smile on a soon to be grandma’s face. Available here.Announcing pregnancy
No one can resist teeny-tiny baby shoe – and adding an adorable loving pose truly captures the joy in the news… naaaaw! Image credit.


Just like little shoes, another baby item that instantly brings excitement and coo-ing is the classic romper with the news attached…. yep, let the coo-ing begin! Available at The Pecking Order.

Announcement romper
For the parents who already have one superhero in the family this is a cute way to add the news that another one will be arriving soon.. perfect for celebrating your existing child – and the future new arrival! Even better the free printable for this announcement can be found here!
Super hero pregnancy announcement

This checklist is a fun way to show off how your baby is about to become the big sibling, great for older brothers or sisters. Image credit.
Pregnancy Announcement
And if you are handy with a piece of chalk this just makes me melt… It’s pretty, its romantic and its filled with whimsy. I just think its perfection… Image credit.
baby announcement
From me to you – congratulations! I hope you enjoy planning your announcement, this is my round up of the most heart-felt, precious ideas I could find. I’d love to know what you end up doing yourself… all the very best!

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