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Baby refusing formula from bottle

baby refusing formula from bottleI need to wean my 4mth old DD onto formula as I’ll be returning to work in 2 months and cannot express (I’ve tried every day for the past month to no avail) I used to top her up with formula when she was under 1 month and she took it happily however she hadn’t had it in a couple of months and the last two times we have tried she flat our refuses the formula. She is happy to take breast milk in a bottle. I would love to mix feed but I literally get 30ml from both breasts if I’m lucky in an expressing session. Does anyone in a similar situation have some advice? How can I stop baby refusing formula from bottle?

  • I combine expressing sessions throughout the day, I express some then put it in the fridge, then do it again, chill new lot to the same temperature and then combine Tamara
  • would recommend using the dr Browns bottles as they they best on the market & babies take to them really easily. Sherree
  • What pump are you using? I was using the little medela swing and only getting 20ml from each breast with 15mins spent in each side. I’ve now hired the symphony and in 10mins get 70-100ml total within 30mins of BF. It’s a hospital grade double pump, worth the money as gets the milk flowing! Katelyn
  • You could feed morning and night and on weekends and formula when you’re at work Elana
  • I can’t express either so am trying to wean my little one so I can return too. She isn’t taking a bottle either so I don’t know what to do Carla
  • Breast first then have 100ml formula ready to go next to you, hopefully your lo gets drowsy on a breast and pull off say half way through feed and try the bottle, i found its easier when sleepy to trasition to the bottle as bubs not all alert and onto you lol after a week of this try to lessen feed and up formula. Vanessa
  • I also struggle to express a good amount; things I’ve found to help are to take fenugreek tablets for a few days, and pump in the morning. While pumping, I press (& hold) on various parts of the breast which seems to encourage the ducts to release milk. Emma
  • crank up the electric pump. Do it every 3hrs if you have to. Within a few days you will have boosted your supply and gotten in the rhythm – I did this for the first three weeks when my bub was born prem and boosted my supply so high I was filling the fridge up faster than she could drink it. Get a good electric pump and try another one out if that one isn’t doing it for you. Medela swing worked great for us Louise

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