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Parents Rejoice! Organised Baby Formula Ring WIPED OUT In Melbourne!


Long-suffering parents are celebrating the dismantling of a baby formula ring in Melbourne. What is a Baby Formula Ring and will your home town be next?

goat milk formula

Introducing Oli6 dairy goat formula


Sponsored by Nuffnang and Oli6 Breast milk is the most beneficial option for feeding your baby, however when this is not an option or you are supplementing feeding it is …

formula feeding tips

Formula Feeding Made Easier Tips & Tricks


Formula feeding tips – begin bottle feeding your baby with confidence with these 5 tips to getting started with formula

baby refusing formula from bottle

Baby refusing formula from bottle


Q&A: I would love to mix feed but I literally get 30ml from both breasts if I’m lucky in an expressing session. Does anyone in a similar situation have some advice? How can I stop baby refusing formula from bottle?

Preparing Bottles for Formula


Q&A: How do mums go about preparing bottles for formula? Originally I air dried after sterilising and used boiled bottled water from the fridge (my kettle takes hours to cool down).

How Much Baby Formula should a child have?

How Much Baby Formula


How Much Baby Formula should a child have? Parents share if their baby has as much formula as stated on the tin.

Milk Tongue


Q&A: I have a 7 week old who is formula fed, and his tongue is always covered in white stuff from the formula. Any ideas on how to clean it off?

Stopping breastfeeding with medication


Q&A: Has anyone chosen not to breast feed and taken the tablet to stop your milk from coming in?

Best Formula For Constipation


Parenting Tips: Wanting other mums opinions on formulas that they have found don’t cause constipation?

Moving from Breastfeeding to Formula


Parenting Tips: Parents share their experience on switching from breastmilk to formula and the challenges involved

Coping with being unable to Breastfeed


Just wondering how other mums handled feeling like a failure for not being able to breast feed? It was really important to me but due to poor supply I have …


Dangers of adding Farex to bottles


Q&A: Has anyone got any references or information on the dangers of adding farex to a bottle?


Choosing not to breastfeed from birth


Q&A: Due to certain issues that I have, I am choosing not to breastfeed when my baby is born

Breastfed vs Formula


Q&A Breast versus formula has been long debated, what’s your thoughts? In this day and age is one really better than the other?

When to stop sterilising Baby items


Q&A: Just wondering when everyone stops sterilising bottles? I have always done it till they stop having them but have heard that the health nurses are saying after 6months.

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Mix Feeding – Breast and Bottle


Q&A: I am pregnant with number 3. I have discussed with my Dr, my midwives and my partner and due to our health and family circumstances we would like to combine feed. Just looking for advice from others who have done this and how they did it, and what they found worked and didn’t.

Baby Steps: Got Milk?


Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work out how we expect. Louise shares her experience.

Newborn Drinking Milk

Best formula for reflux?


Q&A: I’ve just found out my baby has reflux – is there a formula that is better for them?

Dripping Milk

Helpful Tips Formula feeding


Parents Tips: Formula feeding tips and advice from other parents to help you with feeding your baby.

Refill for Will

Which formula?


Q&A: Hi mums, can you recommend a formula to use? Did I read on here that nan ha gold was closest to bm? There are too many to choose from and I know I may need to try a few before I find a suitable one. thanks.


Baby won’t take bottle


Q&A: HELP! returning to work in 1.5 wks, full time, and breastfed 5 mth old refuses a bottle, tried expressed and formula and diff teets, even starved her for a day in a desperate attempt. been trying for 5 wks …. any suggestions? have started to intro solids and water to get her thru day but doesn’t take much, will have water out of sippy cup but if I put any milk in she turns away.

Best tips for Feeding your baby


Parent Tips: Describe the best tip you have for feeding your baby.