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baby sleeping in armsMy little boy is almost 5 months old. He has never really liked napping during the day but it was easy to rock him to sleep. This past week he falls asleep quite easily in my arms but screams the second I put him down in his cot. As soon as I pick him up he resettles in my arms. We go through this five or six times until he eventually falls into a deep sleep and I can put him down into the cot. Has anyone experienced this with their little one? Is it just a phase?

  • YES, i know exactly what your going through, my bub has done this alot. I’ve just been persevering. He’s 10mo now and will still be like this sometimes, usually when he’s overtired. Leslie
  • My 5 month old went thru the last couple weeks not sleeping in the day and waking every 2 hours at night screaming. Just when I thought this would never end the last 2 nights he has been sleeping much better and not waking screaming. Hopefully it’s just a phase for you snd may be to do with teething or growth spurt? Amy
  • my Lo went through this, I ended up putting a cloth nappy on my chest then bub on to the nappy so when I went to put her down she was holding the nappy not me. Worked really well however she is attached to going to sleep with a cloth nappy still at 1 so there is a down side to it but I haven’t had any sleep issue since I started and she now puts herself to sleep. Anna
  • My girl is 5 months old tomorrow and has just gone through this phase! I believe it’s a wonder week so it did pass for us Stephanie
  • It sounds like he is in leap ‘relationships’. He will sleep less and realise his distance to you so don’t want you to put him down. It’s just a phase, get the wonder app Emma
  • Our little girl has just turned six months and I used to bounce, feed or rock her to sleep. Effectively, these are all sleep associations and unless you want to continue intervening so much it may be time to start thinking about putting him down with a clean nappy, well fed and awake with a comforter. I was not wanting to do the crying it out so I did a fair bit of reading and I recommend the sleep sense idea. Here is the link and go with your gut instincts but within a week, our little girl goes down awake for all day and night sleeps, sometimes she grizzles but mostly she rolls onto her tummy with her comforter and puts herself to sleep. Bec
  • I had this exact same problem with my little boy until around 7.5months when I finally got a sleep specialist in. He was reliant on my rocking to sleep and it became a sleep association. We started a bedtime routine of “winding down” time reading a few sleep related books in his sleeping bag in his room. After 5min or so we would put him down awake. We had to sit beside the cot with eyes closed, not looking at him and hands on his chest, some shushing etc. Once he drifted off we removed contact carefully and crept out the room. After a few days of this he went off to sleep within a few min. After a week or so we started put him down awake and leaving the room so he could self settle himself. He then started sleeping through the night and day sleeps improved! It takes time and patience but it sounds like you should try and remove yourself as a sleep association. Hope this helps Emily
  • Mine used to do that too. I would lay down with him and then sneak out when he was asleep. We co-slept until he was 9months and i always moved him to his space in the bed once we went to bed. Easiest solution for us… He now only sleeps in the pram for naps, but finally for longer…. It is a phase. He just wants cuddles and not to be alone… Enjoy it, it won’t last long. Arite
  • oh yes we know this all too well, my LO was and sometimes is the same. I found when we were in a wonder week he would be more clingy and worse than usual. We dont let him fall asleep on us anymore and have gradually been teaching him to self settle. We put him to bed now when he is still awake, he normally has a bit of a cry when we put him down and leave the room but I only ever let it go for a max 5 minutes or if his crying escelates before the 5 minutes. I will try to settle him without picking him up although sometimes I have to pick him up, once he settles I leave the room. Sometimes he cries again and sometimes he doesnt. But mostly now he falls asleep before the 5 minutes and we are set for the night. Also recently we have been playing with him before bed and that seems to help as he is more tired that way. Just a few things to try maybe? Good luck! Katie
  • this is a development leap/phase, it will pass we are just coming out the other end of this. Tough on mumma but they will be happy back in their cot and not in your arms soon! Donna
  • you need to teach him to self settle Put him in his cot awake and try to get him to fall asleep on his own We also went through this and my bubs is 5 months old today!!! It’s exhausting I know! Kylie
  • Put a heat pack in his bed & take it out just before you put him in. This way he is going from a warm mummy to a warm bed & is let likely to wake up. Bonnie
  • Yes it is a phase! My little boy was like this around the same age, wouldn’t let me put him down at all, in the end I just layed him on his side, tucked him in and patted his back. Of course it helps to have some soothing music or a cot mobile Aimz

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