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Baptism gift ideas

baby giftCan anyone help me out with gift ideas for a 1yr old boys baptism?

  • Skip the pewter stuff and go for something different; a set of mint coins from the year of birth, a set of books, or a book with the main character having the first name of the child, money in a bank account.  Jess
  •  I like the limited edition books as presents. You can write your own message in the front cover so they always know it was from you.  Sian
  •  A children’s Bible. Nothing more fitting and significant than that.   Bethany
  •  We did a time capsule party to be opened when my sons turn 18. Got people to bring something from the year of their birth or the year they turn 1, to put in time capsule. Had a wide range of things including top 10 songs, petrol prices, milk and bread etc.   Melissa
  •  We can do you a personalised teddy bear to celebrate any occasion! Cheese & Pickles – Online Boutique For Kids xx   Vanessa
  •  Anything silver eg silver money box.   Lesleyy
  •  We have given a nice silver cake knife engraved with the christening/baptism date that they can use for special occasions.   Kaitlyn
  •  The hungry caterpillar book or something special in that line. Great story for new life. Or a Noah’s ark wooden boat and book.   Colleen
  •  Something silver at jeweler eg. photo frame cert holder money box.  Lesley

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