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Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

women opening giftsWhat was the best/ most useful presents you received after having your baby? I am looking for the best baby shower gift ideas.  I’m a ftm and people keep asking me what I want- I haven’t got a clue!

  • The best gift I got (and what I now in turn give my friends at baby showers) was a hamper full of things like baby Panadol, Nurofen for kids, a dummy thermometer, fess little noses aspirator and drops, Sophie the giraffe, baby cotton tips, syringes, baby balsam (vicks) a slim line hard pack of wipes & anything else “baby” the chemist has to offer. It was great cause it was things I hadn’t thought of myself and had it all on hand for when it was needed Chemist Warehouse is great for grabbing specials too.   Kristy
  •  A dozen cloth nappies – avail from target or Big W & they come in different colours – really great multi use gift – not as nappies but as mini blanket, wipe up spills/vomit etc.   Bernadette
  •  One of my favorites was a Vicks vaporizer. Not just useful for bubs but the whole house and will get years of use out of it!   Stephanie
  •  For something different I had a book baby shower party, everyone bought a book and my son loves all his books now.   Melissa
  •  A voucher for a cleaner to come, or someone to come and do your washing for you.   Gabrielle
  •  Flannel wraps, medical kit with Panadol, infacol, nail clippers, thermometer ect. Nappies, wipes, singlets, onesies.   Kristy
  •  Cotton on bibs, gift voucher to baby bunting. I give packs with Panadol, Nurofen, Sudocream, wipes, fess nasal and eyes, colic relief etc – pretty much anything you may need in the middle of the night in a month or so, and people say these are pretty handy.   Fiona
  •  One of my best presents was from my sister in law who got me a nappy soaking bucket full of washers, wipes, nappy rubbish bags, shirts, nappy cream etc.   Nicole
  •  Things that I loved, and use all the time, are a nappy bin, mirror for the car (love that!), a bath gift set (with bath wash + powders etc), a ‘nappy wallet’ for the nappy bag, and things to keep baby occupied like baby rocker, walker, jolly jumper, bean bag, Bumbo seat. As a FTM myself, I use all these items just about every I reckon! Hope It helps! X   Amy
  •  $150 gift card for big-w and one for target. Instead of people buying clothes and stuff, I got those. bought stuff I liked, cloth nappies, wipes, nappies and soap etc, plus a few bit for myself.  Sarah-Kate
  •  Nappies and wet wipes. Otherwise supermarket vouchers so you can buy necessities when you need them.   Aimee
  •  Meals or snacks for the freezer or cupboard for those days that you can’t be bothered shopping or cooking.   Marnie
  •  Blankets, bassinet sheets, cot sheets, nappies/wipes and nail clippers hair brush set, Thermometer, bath thermometer, sterilizer. Bath washes ect.   Laura
  •  I bought a gentle giraffe. It’s a white noise teddy that hangs on the side of the cot. I have used it since day 1 and put it on for every sleep. Bub sleeps so easily with it on and I’m sure it’s what made self settling so easy for us. It’s also good to take travelling as bub gets to hear familiar sounds. They also have one called a sleep sheep. That’s what I will be buying for friend’s baby showers in the future.   Chonteal
  •  Hooded towels & vaporizer.   Alisha
  •  I use baby oil and a bonnet (one you don’t mind getting stained as the oil will mark it) overnight and then in the morning I use a very soft fine tooth comb – those crappy plastic nit combs that are no good for removing lice are great – and very very gently comb the hair out, using a wipe to clean the comb. Then gentle wash every 2nd or 3rd day will keep it at bay. If it’s really severe though talk to bubs Dr. or the pharmacist about better options.    Amanda
  •  A big laundry basket (contoured for hip) filled with essentials in bulk – that lasted me almost a year, it included lots of baby bath, face washers, wipes, creams – Bonjella, Sudocream, Bepanthem cream both the antiseptic and the nappy rash cream, powder, baby panadol and nurofen – pretty much anything you could possibly think of that you will use that doesn’t have an expiry date. It also had a few treats for me in it too – don’t be shy when people ask you what you want be upfront about brands you prefer and use for example I prefer Johnsons Baby shampoo, lotion and oil but prefer Huggies wipes and Nappies, also let them know what brand of dummy or bottle you intend to use, and if you have a theme for your nursery and know the sex of bub let them know that too – mine is either Mickey or Minnie but as I was unable to find out the sex of bub I’m going to ask them to wait on presents related to that until after bub is born. The big basket was done up for me by my mum she started buying things when I was just 4 weeks pregnant and it really was the best present ever it saved me so much hassle and so much money.   Oh and we totally love the laundry basket it fits all our clothes in it (family of 4 with a toilet training toddler so you can imagine the clothes pile).   Amanda
  •  My bro in law n sis in law paid for us to get the hands n feet done thru twinkle toes. They did this for all 3 of our kids n got the biggest ones possible done we r very lucky.   Simone
  •  Love to dream zip up swaddles.   Wendy
  •  Ask for nappies and baby wipes. Towels, face clothes. I also asked people to not buy me nb clithing to get bigger sizes. as I didn’t know how big my baby would be. And ask them for vouchers for baby shops. Or one certain shop you like to shop at for your baby. I wish I dd that. Oh also bibs and blankys.   Brooke
  •  Plates/bowls/burp clothes/muslim wraps and hard books so bubs can play with them you can never have to many books.  Stef
  •  I set up a baby registry at toys r us. I went around with hubby and scanned everything we needed/wanted. It was so much fun & it got removed off the list when it was purchased so u didn’t get the same thing twice! Plus at the end of it they sent me a gift card for 10% of the total value spent! So i got a $80 gift card too! Highly recommended!!    Natalie
  •  A cleaner for the first 6 weeks…pregnancy massage, vouchers, www.stinkybotz.com.au nappy change mat.   Natalie
  •  I loved my gro bag egg for room temp and hero bag of too. Also a nappy wallet for trips out and about. Head down to a Mummy market to find lots of gorgeous handmade items like pram liners etc too. You’ll find heaps:)   Linda
  •  A little first aid/first cold kit. Contained things like thermometer, nasal spray and sucker, baby Vicks, Panadol, nail clippers, band aids, bump buddy, sudocream. It also had a small laminated sheet you could put near the phone with numbers like local hospital, poisons line, nearest children’s hospital, 24 hr nurse line etc.  Jacqui
  •  Home Art Wall Decals Are a great gift idea for a baby shower.  Ashton
  •  Breast pump! Nappies , wipes, sudocream, muselen wraps, towels, cotton nappies for burping, onesies, all things you will need and can’t get enough of.   Zsuzsika
  •  Gift vouchers at target, Kmart and big w. you will always use them!   Laura
  •  Nappies & wipes u will never have enough.   Joanna
  •  A lot of things can be useful/helpful. For my first baby shower my family brought a lot of the pricey items like cot and change table, pram, bassinet etc. Friends usually buy clothes, nappies, baby bath items. I know at certain baby stores you do a gift registry.   Brooke
  •  Wipes, disposable change mats and disposable burp cloths.   Samanatha
  •  Clothing in bigger sizes, definitely nappies, anything for bath time (seat, toys, washes), towels, nail clippers and other bits and pieces (we used them to play a ‘guess the item’ game at baby shower).   Kristy
  •  Activity play mat. Baby wipes. I personally wouldn’t get bath wash as bub may have a reaction to a certain type then u will b stuck with lots of baby wash that u can’t use.   Cherie
  • I was very blessed and anything you get will come in handy, baby soaps,wipes, cloths, bibs, I loved my baby bag, another was stuff for me for my hospital trip all minis shampoo, soap, toothbrush etc lol probably not much help but everything you get you will use.  Sara
  •  Dummies, bottles, thermometer, grobag/ sleeping bag, baby bouncer/ rocker, breast pads.   Katiee
  •  I actually received a nappy bag which was awesome.   Sharon
  •  We did a wishing well, work out great! Some people bought gifts and they were all great gifts so we didn’t end up with a heap of crap.   Megan
  •  Wipes, jolly jumper, baby panadol and nurfron, nappies in the bigger sizes I had too many for newborn and long bibs.  Audrey
  •  My cousins bought me a nappy bucket full of wipes, powder, nappy sacks etc. The nappy bucket was the best as it is used all the time to soak clothes.  Rianna
  •  Baby clippers thermometers things like that.   Julie
  •  A babby bottle brush…as a ftm I never thought of getting one myself but definately needed xx   Karz
  •  Nappies, soaps, shampoos, burb clothes, washers!   Rosita
  •  Cloth nappies as they are great to use as chuck rugs! Bubs, wipes anything practical although cute things look nice you need the everyday stuff you can never have enough wipes, nappies, bibs but make sure they are bibs that are Velcro or button no ties as its very hard to put on a squirmy baby!!   Pamela
  •  A good feeding pillow.   Sabrina
  •  My hug-a-bub wrap carrier! Love it to pieces. Best present ever!   Jen
  •  I got a HUGE box of wipes, I didn’t think to buy so many but gee they came in handy. I also thought the fisher price play gym (activity) I think it’s called it came in handy when you want relax and have a coffee and baby can have floor time and stay occupied by the iPhone or iPod, I not only used the apps for it I got the abc iview app and put on cartoons.    Kayarna
  •  Hooded bath towels.   Megan
  •  Wraps nappy cream & thermometer for the bath Also cloth nappies are handy 4 changing bub burping & essentially padding if u need to make a surface softer.   Chantelle
  •  Mirror for the car seat so you can see baby when driving. Baby milestone cards for photos. Blankets, cot sheets.  Grobags too but they need to get the appropriate bag depending on the season.   Colleen

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