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Best Party Cookies

best party cookiesLooking for the best party cookies for your next birthday party to really wow the kids? Amanda Nichols of Baby Hints & Tips tracks down some of the cutest cookie designs to try out…

I love an iced biscuit as much as the next girl so this was a mouth-watering article to write! Let’s dive right in and share my favourites, starting with how to make them! 

Most of the cookies in this story are simple sugar cookies. If you have your own recipe, feel free to create your own, or if you need a good step by step guide, we took the liberty of tracking down a tasty sugar cookie recipe for you here.

cookies 1So you’ve got the dough ready to go – now’s the most exciting decision, what will you be creating?

Lego biscuits

These little gems are simple but effective, not to mention totally cute! First, create your sugar cookie mix. Using a rectangular cookie cutter, cut your cookies into Lego bricks. Once baked, use food colouring to turn your icing into your desired cookie colours. Then stick matching Smarties on top in rows of three. You can stick to the basic colours or mix some colours together to make other bright Lego bricks!
Source: oneartsymama.com

Cookie pops

Use a large round glass to create nice even circular cookies. Insert a plastic stick into the cookie creating a hole and remove it for baking. Save the plastic sticks for the last step. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, roll out some fondant and use a smaller glass to cut your lollipop circles. Using a ganache, spread it onto the cookie and place your fondant circle on top. To decorate your lollipop, use a wet cloth to make your fondant moist and stick decorative elements onto the icing. To finish, place the plastic stick back into the hole you made in your cookie, wrap it in clear cellophane and finish it off with a ribbon bow.
Source: stuffbystace.blogspot.com

Mini sweet houses

These simple treats are as adorable as they are edible! And the best part is you can skip right past the baking stage and buy a couple of packets of biscuits – we recommend Arnott’s Nice or Milk Coffee biscuits. Whip up some icing and use it along the edges to stick your mini sweet house together. Then use a few dollops and stick assorted lollies on the roof and inside.
Source: baby.co.uk

Marshmallow teacups

Another simple but delicious treat, these marshmallow teacups will be a hit at your next tea party! Buy a couple of packets of Arnott’s Tic Toc biscuits, some marshmallows, freckles and musk Life Savers. Use a bit of icing to stick the marshmallow to the iced side of the Tic Toc biscuit. Then add a dollop on top of the marshmallow and place a freckle on top. Cut the Life Savers in half and use a little bit of icing on the edges to create a teacup handle.
Source: foodgawker.com

cookies 2Fairy wand

Make your sugar cookie dough and use a star shaped cookie cutter to create the top of the wand. Put a plastic or wooden stick inside the bottom of the star to create a hole then pull it out for baking. Once baked, ice the star and put the stick back into the hole created earlier. For an extra sweet treat, why no try colouring sugar to sprinkle onto the wand? Put sugar in a resealable plastic bag and add 5 drops of food colouring. Let the sugar soak the food colouring up and then spread it onto baking paper to dry. Once dry sprinkle onto your magic wands.
Source: blog.hwtm.com

Monster cookies

Choose your favourite cookie mix to create these yummy little cookie monsters. Once you have baked your batch of cookies, try spreading some Nutella on the base of all of your cookies, then sprinkle hundreds and thousands inside and sandwich two cookies together. Use two dollops of icing and two Smarties for eyes.
Source: itswrittenonthewalls.blogspot.com

Butterfly cookies

Use your sugar cookie recipe and use a butterfly cookie cutter to create your butterfly shaped cookies. To ice, paint the cookies with ganache and use a thin layer of fondant and use your cookie cutter to cut the same butterfly as your cookie. Place the fondant on top of the cookie. The simplest way to create a fun design would be with icing pens. Draw your designs on by hand and allow them time to dry. If you don’t have an icing pen, you can stick cake decoration elements on by wetting the fondant and sticking elements to the icing.
Source: indulgy.com

Football cookies

Using the sugar cookie recipe, roll our your dough and if you can’t find a football shaped cutter, use your computer to print out a stencil and carefully cut your cookies with a knife. Once baked, you can ice them in whatever way you think will work best. Butter icing can be delicious or you can go back to basics and use Nutella. If you have a piping bag, put white icing in the bag and draw the football lines on. If you don’t have a piping bag, you can create one with a plastic seal lock bag by cutting a small corner off and squeezing the icing through by hand.
Source: i-heart-baking.blogspot.ca


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