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Best Pregnancy Apps: 10 cool apps for the mummy-to-be!

best pregnancy appsHoorah! You’re pregnant!

Now what? Time to ditch the ovulation tracking apps off your phone and stock up on some awesome apps for expectant mums. Amanda Nicholls finds 10 of the best apps to survive pregnancy…

10) Pregnancy & Baby; What to expect (Everyday Health Inc.)

This pregnancy tracking app tells you what to expect day by day and week by week. Developmental milestones for your baby, your changing body, a due date countdown and access to a community of expectant mums, this app is loaded with information to keep you informed on your pregnancy progress.

9) Foods to avoid during pregnancy; Pregnancy diet (Pregniful Solutions LTD)

This helpful app not only tells you which foods to steer clear of during pregnancy, but it also encourages you to consume a healthy diet that is beneficial to bub’s development. It includes recipes, a meal planner and exercises suitable for expecting mums.

8) Quit for you, quit for two (BCM Partnership)

If you have discovered you’re pregnant and you are also a smoker looking to quit, this app provides support and encouragement to help you push through the cravings for a healthy pregnancy. It has fun exercises and games to distract you, practical quit tips, facts about your baby week-by-week, a savings announcement based on your quit date and a baby name selector. Take the first step to quitting by downloading this great app.

7) iBirth (Healthy pregnancy, birth and baby (Lula B, LLC)

This app is a one stop shop for first time mums. It’s full of childbirth education material, daily inspirational notes, prenatal nutrition, informative videos, tips and lists and loads more. If you’ve got a burning question about your pregnancy, you’re sure to find the answer in this app.

6) Who’s your daddy; The pregnancy guide for first time Dads (14lox)

Written for dads, by dads (with the help of midwives), this app uses bloke humour to guide dads through the nine months of pregnancy. What’s not to love?

5) Baby Names (Schatzisoft)

Start researching names and collating a list of your top picks. This fun app has over 60,000 names to choose from and helps with name origin, pronunciation, spelling variations, and popularity by year and country. It has fun lists including seasonal names (we’re looking at you Summer), holiday names, (having a Christmas baby? Maybe you’d like to call her Holly!) nature names (River, Brooke, Fern… you get the hint) plus loads more.

4) Countdown to birth (Maggie Q)

This app can be used for many different occasions but why not use it to count down the impending arrival of your precious baby? You can customise the background (hello cute ultrasound shot!), countdown to the second of your due date (who says we don’t feel like ticking time bombs in that last month anyway) and share your countdown via Facebook and Twitter.

3) Pregnancy packing planner (Space-O Digicom)

Not sure what to pack in your hospital bag? This app has you covered. Use their simple checklist system covering everything from baby clothes to maternity pads to make sure you’re ready to hit the road when the time comes.

2) Smart contraction timer (Aleksei Neiman)

This app helps you keep track of your contractions by tapping a button at the beginning and end of a contraction. It can then analyse the frequency of your contractions and will tell you when the ideal time to head to hospital is.

1) Sound Sleeper: Calming soothing sounds of nature (Michael Feigenson)

This app is the app that keeps on giving. If you’re having trouble sleeping during pregnancy, you can choose from a library of soothing sounds including sounds from nature and sounds from the city. You can even go on to use this app for your new baby with sounds from the womb. There’s even a vacuum cleaner sound if that’s what floats your boat!

Parents have shared their favourite pregnancy apps here.

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