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Best Stroller for Travelling with a Toddler

strollerWe will be traveling overseas with a 17month old in January. What is the best stroller for travelling and what do you recommend? 

  • We bought one of these, it could be folded up and taken on the plane as hand luggage and fit into the overhead lockers
    http://reviews.target.com.au/…/quicksmart…/reviews.htm Alison
  • Would recommend getting a toddler backpack that fits into a stuff sack rather than a stroller. Much less to carry (you will have enough with everything else you will need to take). We took a Tula one when we went with our 18 month old. Katrina
  • I have an hipod ifold very light to carry and very compact. Katrina
  • I have the combo stroller. It’s great as goes all way down and very easy to steer. It folds up with on click and one hand and is under 3 k. It’s a bit more than the average stroller but worth it. Seen a few on Gumtree and they do hold their value. Sharon
  • I love the UppaBaby G-Luxe Strollers as they are under 5 kgs so very light, but still well made. http://bubsandbeans.com.au/…/UPPAbaby-G-Luxe-Strollers… Sarah
  • Just got back from Europe with a 13mo. Definitely take a stroller. If it’s summer go for one with good sun cover and lies back flat so they can nap. With room for bag underneath. Awesome to use in airports too, no need to check in with luggage where it can get damaged, with many airlines, you can just leave with hosties as you board. We got a Joie Miris stroller as it’s super light too so easy to carry up stairs etc 6.5kg.Daile
  • Travelling to the states last year with our 15 month old DS who is a unit. So glad that we bought a baby jogger over there as it was less hassle and way cheaper . Jillie
  • We carried our daughter but she was a bit younger. Honestly, get a cheapo. I’ve known a few to come back broken or missing parts. They are not gentle putting them on the plane. Mel
  • Depends where you are travelling. I did London, UK and Europe for 6 weeks with baby boy same age and took my baby jogger city mini and it was a lifesaver but pretty beat up now! Kirsytn
  • Mountain buggy nano! Emma

Which stroller do you recommend for travel?

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