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Birthing Centre vs Hospital Birth

birthing centre vs hospital birthWhat are people’s thoughts on birthing centres Vs Hospital birth?

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  • Hospital, definitely. They have the facilities to deal with any eventuality. Sam
  • I needed hospital due to my health complications. I say birth wherever you want as long as you are comfortable with your decision and know the pros and cons of each location. Suzanne
  • I actually had a really great natural birth experience in a major hospital for my second baby. The midwife turned all the lighting off and lit candles with aeromatherapy oils and we just breathed through labour on a soft mat on the floor. Everything was very calm and supportive. I would prefer a hospital purely for ease of access should a complication arise but I was pleasantly surprised by this birth. My first, in comparison was all hospitally, neon lights, drugs and just like the movies haha. Jodi
  • My birth centre was connected to a main hospital so if anything went wrong you can get transferred over, which I had to. But luckily I was able to go straight back to the birth centre after delivery. Loved how quiet, calm and personal it was. We got a double bed and my partner could stay! It was better than a private facility haha Tahnee
  • I gave birth in a birth centre within our local hospital. Best of both worlds I woulnt risk not being in a hospital but I loved the atmosphere of the birth centre vs labour ward Georgie
  • I plan on giving birth in a birth centre, which is next door to the main hospital! I love the big room, it has huge ensuite, with a double bed and a couch it basically feels like a bedroom Kirstie
  • Have had 1 of each and i say birth centre hands down. I got what i wanted and was listened to. I did have a good midwife with hospital and loved her but she had nothing on the birth centre. Kai
  • Birth centre all the way!! Amazing experience, one on one care from start to finish loved every minute of it!! By this I meant the birth centre at Gold Coast hospital! Andrea
  • I had my son in a hospital however I was put on a special case load that they do as I wanted a water birth so this meant I had one midwife (also a other if original was on day off) throughout my pregnancy and also meant I wasn’t technically under the hospital as she came in and got the best birthing suite for me and then I was able to leave 24hrs later where she would then visit! Jess
  • This has been so helpful! The birth centre I have been selected for is within the main hospital so if any complications you are right there! The more I read about it definitely sounds like the way for us and feel so happy to have been selected for it. Jessica
  • I gave birth at a birth centre, with the main hospital next door, incase of any emergencies. Loved the natural calm environment of a birth centre. Felt like home Kelly
  • My first was Hospital, my second Birth Centre and most definitely would go Birth Centre if we went for baby #3 Tegan
  • I tried at the birth centre at RPA and ended up being transferred to the hospital. Out of my control. If I have another one I would definitely try the birth centre again. My partner and I felt comfortable there and the midwives were great! I was nervous before about the lack of pain relief available, but if it gets too much it’s a super fast transfer to the hospital for an epi. I think it’s definitely worth trying, but it’s all about what you feel comfortable with. Birth plans need to be open and flexible, not many go exactly how you plan Frau
  • I had problem free pregnancies but I’d still prefer hospital because no matter what happens unexpectedly, which we all know is highly likely with labours, that the hospital was fully equipped to any means necessary without delay to look after or even save my babies. Kara
  • Hospital all the way. Drugs and doctors at your fingertips. Next time I’m ordering up the epidural as soon as I get there. I struggled through 3 hours of pain with, what appeared to be a 15 year old midwife, repeating over and over again “your body knows what to do, just breathe” I could have had an epidural and saved myself all of that, thank got it was only a 4 hour experience! Carly
  • I tried birth centre which it was nice being able to be in the big bath , but I am a big baby when it comes to pain so I had to transfer to the hospital to get the good drugs Kim
  • I never looked into birthing centre’s or home birth. I just went for a hospital birth both times because I felt safer giving birth there if anything went wrong. Labouring
  • In a hospital though did suck because they wanted to intervene a lot and the beds are too small and uncomfortable Ashleigh
  • I think a birth centre should be a part of a hospital (in close distance) but not undermined by the hospitals policies. My vba2c was in a hospital. Natasha
  • Most birth centres are located within your hospital for the fact that things can change rapidly and drastically. You have best of both worlds that way Teka
  • Birth centre. My first bub was at the birth centre in Mackay and is the oldest in QLD. It is in a little cottage on the hospital grounds and is a 30 second walk into maternity. So if anything needs to happen it does quickly. At our birth centre you have a dedicated midwife for your whole pregnancy and you know who will be there when you are birthing your bub and being able to receive the card in your home for the first week is amazing. Plus all birth centres will only take low risk women so there is also less risk of things going wrong (yes I know it can still happen). Katie
  • Depends on where you are! I’m birth centre within the hospital so if something goes wrong I literally get wheeled a few meters down the hall! Hazel
  • I almost died due to a birthing center. Ended up with an apology from QLD Health. Amber
  • The hospital I went to had a birth centre , wasn’t much different except the fact they left me to labour with out checking me every two seconds and didn’t make me feel I needed to speed things up when it was going slow Rozie
  • Loved my birth centre birthing experience! Michelle
  • Give me a home birth any day Kirstin
  • Hospital for first, birth centre (attached to hospital) for second and would absolutely go birth centre again if we were having another one and I was still considered low risk. Amy
  • I say do whatever you want, as long as your comfortable that’s what matters most Nicole
  • If the birth centre is in a hospital, sure. When there is a labor emergency, you only have minutes to act. Being outside of hospital (even if you’re next door) could cost you your baby’s life because you waste limited time getting there Annie
  • I had a great experience in a public hospital here in Perth Jemma
  • First baby i would say hospital, but each pregnancy/birth can be different i suppose. I have gone to hospital for previous 2 and will again. I have low platelets and although isn’t life threatening when they are aware i feel better being where i know they have everything incase of emergency for what ever reason. Stacie
  • Hospital 100%. You’ll regret it if something does go wrong. Steph
  • Our birth centre is in the hospital. Had a amazing water birth for my second after my first not going exactly as i hoped so birthed in labour and delivery in the end. Bethany
  • I was after birth centre but had complications so ended up at the hospital, which was good because bub’s heart rate dropped and I ended up having a c-section. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I knew it was a possibility and everything went pretty smoothly otherwise. Recovery in the hospital was great and everyone was lovely. Sophie
  • If something goes wrong and can’t get to a hospital in time it’s murder. Can’t take extra risks on your child’s life. Baby could get distressed or anything. Home shouldn’t be an option Kate

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