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Stack of booksHello! Im currently 31+1 with our first baby and hubby is wanting to read some baby books designed for first time dads. I have read up the duff but he is wanting something more ‘blokey’, thanks!

  • My hubby was given the book (from another 1st time dad) “Man with a pram” .. I think he read it lol.  Karli
  • The DVDs becoming a dad are a good watch I think it’s that one that has Dave hughes.  Kristy
  • My hubby went out on his own accord and bought ‘cheers to childbirth’ he loved it. I also read it and it was great.  Carmel
  • Baby owners manual fathers edition!  Sam
  • My other half has “man with a pram” its great.”  Emma
  • We got ‘So You’re Going to be a Dad’ I even read it, was a good read.  Jamie
  • My other half was recommended diary of a pregnant dad it’s more a week by week story of what happens and puts things into ‘man’ terms ie this week the baby’s the size of a golf ball etc!!! He loved it as it wasn’t full on medical but he could follow what was happening.  Laura
  • From Here to Paternity by Sascha Molitoritz. A great read by an Australian journalist & his perspective on first time fatherhood.  Jaclyn
  • Cheers to childbirth is a great book. You get it off the beer and bubs website. They also do events specially for men where they learn a bit about babies, labor and being a dad in general. My dh went and said it was great. I think it really reassured him that he could do it.  Jade

 Which book do you recommend for first time dads?

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