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Breastfeeding twins

breastfeeding twinsJust after some others experience on breastfeeding twins. I was going to go straight to formula (as I had bad experience with my first) but the doctor recommended giving them colostrum what have others done?

  • I know they say breast is best but if you feel uncomfortable doing that put them.on the bottle i tried for 3 days with my twins and they got sicker from the breast milk. Leisa
  • Give it a try it may be different for you this time around. I breastfeed my twins exclusively and your doctor can give you pills to help get your supply up. Chantelle
  • See an ibclc lactation consultant. What area are you in mama? Worst case you could express colostrum for them but it is easier if they will latch Kimmy
  • I expressed colostrum for my twins as they were born prem and had trouble feeding. They were tube fed and also had formula while in the neonatal unit. I tried breastfeeding but they just weren’t strong enough. I exclusively pumped for 3 months and bottle fed them breast milk then switched to formula. But u should do what suits u and ur twins. Good luck. Twins are awesome! Laura
  • Call the ABA to get some advice. They can put you in touch with some twin support groups. It’s worth giving it a try as formula can’t give your babies anti-bodies or cancer fighting properties. Prue
  • I’m not sure about twins but I gave just colostrum to my son. I wasn’t able to for my daughter. Pru
  • In the later stages of pregnancy you can prepump colostrum and store it ready to go. Chat to your doctor about it. Its a personal choice to breastfeed or not but colostrum has a lot if benefits? Remember that each child is different and breastfeeding may be different the second time around. Whatever you decide to do will be the best thing for you and your babies. Congratulations! Solange
  • Look for support groups (there’s many on fb) for tandem breastfeeding they will be able to give a lot of helpful advice about bf both babies Rachael
  • Im tandem feeding 5mth and 2.5yr old. You feed one one side. And then keep the other for the other side maybe. I know a girl whom did boob between 4pm-9am. Then formula for 1day feed for 1 twin. Other got boob. Then swapped to 2nd twin on boob while its other got formula in the day for a bit of a break. You should make enough milk as it worksnon supply&demand. Its draining. You have to eat alot. Just do what works. Estah
  • Had an emergency c section fed baby straight away on breast wasn’t keen but tried for 3 days but he wasn’t getting enough then went to formula. Tried breast and bottle but ended going onto formula as I wasn’t producing. Think it makes a lot of difference if you have a natural birth…but Def try it’s well worth it. Going to try breastfeeding with #2 Jenni
  • My twin girls are 5 weeks old. I also had a bad experience with breastfeeding my singleton previously so was concerned about feeding the twins. The colostrum is most important so I wanted to make sure they got that. The girls latched well straight¬†away so I tried breastfeeding & expressing followed by bottles of formula. My milk supply didnt increase though at all so afrer the 3rd week I stopped and they only had formula bottles. It is an emotional, stressful & personal decision so do what is right for you & dont feel pressured by anyone elses opinions! The ABA, Multiple birth association, midwives, GP or pediatrician can all help, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Good luck with it all x Lyndsey
  • I formula fed my twins personal choice but my sister breast fed her twins till 3 months with formula top up when needed. Breast feeding is a personal choice and depends on whether your diet and medical needs allow it. Lesley
  • i mixed fed from day one due to me being really sick. And get booby bickies to boost your supply their amazing. I fed individually rather than tandem too it was a matter of what felt comfortable and worked best. Cindy
  • I bf my sm full term twins for first 24 hrs them syringe fed ebm for a few wks then bottle fed ebm till 17 wks then from the breast until 26 mths I found it made sense to pump every 3 hrs during the day & 4 hrs at night rather than deal with feeling trapped under two little babies for prolonged periods Tam
  • We recently bought the Infa Feed & Read chair from My Baby Warehouse. Currently on special for $139. A bit on the bulkier side but once we finish with it as a high chair it becomes her own small table and chair. Amanda
  • I tried breast feeding my twins (baby no. 3 and 4) and it was a lot more successful than when I fed my first two children. Don’t know if it’s because you are feeding off both breasts each time but I had a lot more milk with the twins. My girl twin fed more from me than her brother. I also fed formula if they needed more. I also expressed sometimes after feeding to help increase supply. I Brest fed my little girl twin for about 7 months and she went off it by herself then started taking the bottle. My little boy grew quicker from 4 months so needed more than I could give him and preferred the bottle. I fed them individually, not tandom as I found it difficult to juggle two babies at once. Good luck. You will find what is right for you. Karen
  • i had 3 babies all with tongue ties and e had a terrible time feeding. Each got colostrum through a syringe in the hospital then formula until age 1 when they moved to cow milk. All are perfectly healthy with no problems, formula is excellent these¬†days. Do whatever causes you the least stress. Emma

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