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what are your best tips for breastfeeding

  • We gave baby a dream feed at 10pm and this helped baby sleep for much longer. Baby goes to bed at 6.30pm, then at 10pm I go in very quietly, pick him up and put him on the breast. He has a small feed and stays asleep. I then gently place him back in the cot, undisturbed but with a full stomach. He will then sleep until at least 4am, he often goes longer. This has been wonderful as before he was waking at about 1am and I was feeling exhausted all the time. Mother of Ryan 10 months.
  • Use paw paw ointment or grated carrot for sore nipples. Mother of Callum 23 months
  • Express out first part of milk and allow baby to latch on after this to avoid baby filling up on sugary part of milk that may cause discomfort. Mother of Tuscany 4, Morrissey 3, Valen 6 months.
  • Call for the nurse before starting feeding for EVERY feed in hospital -to ensure correct attachment and support. Mother of Amy 6, Sophie 3
  • How to feed correctly without pain and damaging nipples. The correct attachment is vital to successful breastfeeding. Mother of Thomas 14 months.
  • Too many really – only because I had such trouble with breastfeeding for about 2-3 months, so I think I have heard it all. Mother of Lukas 10 months.
  • Feed on demand. Mother of Isabelle 3, Blake 20 months.
  • Best thing – convenient – still breast feeding at 15 months. Mother of Jake 15months.
Fantastic article from The Leaky B@@b: Baby Explains – Normal (Breastfeeding) Newborn Behaviour


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