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{CRAFT} Easter Bunny Mask Template

Easter bunny mask templateEaster Craft: Easter Bunny Mask Template

If your kids LOVE craft then they will love this Easter craft. Make your own Easter bunny mask by printing off our template and getting your kids decorating their own.  Get creative and add whiskers with pipe-cleaners. Decorate with pencils or even get the paint out and let your little artist paint up a storm. Your little Easter Bunny will be hopping around the house and burning off all that Easter chocolate. You could even print a few off and keep kids entertained during a play-date.

You Will Need:

* Thin sheet of card

* Scissors

* Colouring pencils or crayons

* Elastic

Optional: pipe cleaners or straws for the Easter Bunny whiskers


Download the Easter bunny mask template here

Step 1: Print out the Easter Bunny Mask template on thin card.

Step 2: Colour in the mask using whatever colours you choose

Step 3: Cut out the mask template – Also cutting out holes for the eyes

Step 4: Pass string, ribbon or elastic through the holes on the sides so the wearer can attach it to him/herself

Step 5: You may also like to use pipe cleaners, straws or match sticks for bunny whiskers!

Note: The bunny mask can also be decorated using cotton wool, felt, coloured papers or any other creative materials


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