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C Section or Natural Birth Which is Better

c section or natural birth which is betterFor those Mum’s who have had both a natural labor and a c section, if you could choose, what would you prefer??

  • I have only ever had c section but if I had to choose I think is go natural, I feel a bit ripped off to be honest, while I found recovery not that hard and I coped really well I felt something was missing ! Kelly
  • Natural, all the way. I’ve had two natural births, first with gas and morphine, second just gas, induced with gel and waters broken during active labor. It hurt, but I was always in control, baby suckled easier than the first (had morphine) and recovery was fine. It’s also the best thing for the baby. First was a bit groggy for the first 2-3 mths, second was alert from day one. I used hypnobirthing to help focus my mind, no regrets. Kate
  • I prefer natural, I had all my 3 naturally and they were all very different, it was the after pains from my third that had me in tears for a week every time I breast fed Dianne
  • Friends of mine who have had both experiences said they preferred natural. But every labour & mother is different. I think best to try natural & if not working out go c section. U have to do what is best for the baby & mother. Good luck. Rachael
  • I had an emergency c-section after being induced and then 18 hours of labour and not progressing to which bubs became quite distressed. The whole labour was traumatic for me and I could not wait for them to get him out me! He was 11pound 2. So thank god i didnt push him out. For my second i had an elective c-section. There was no way i was going to risk going through all that again. The experience was completely different but i am completely put off having any more children.However i am so glad i had caesars both times. And i have not found the recovery to be that bad at all. The first time my wound did get an infection but that was my own fault and this time im almost 4 weeks through recovery and im totally fine. Im sure nothing beats natural but the whole experience is different for everyone. Pregnancy through to birth. Lauren
  • I’m lucky enough to have had one v birth with a epidural, one with a spinal block c section and the last ala natural, I most definitely would go with natural every time Mishy
  • Whatever is safe for you abd baby. I would of loved to have a natural but unfortunatly bcoz i was small i would of been umable to give birth naturally. So I had elective c/s as drs orders, and will need to hv another c/s for future babies but i dont care as it qas safe for me and my son. Im a big girl and i was worried about recovery but if you take care of urself and clean it everyday and let it breath u r fine. I was up and walkin around by the 2nd day. With the help of hubby of course. And 3mths on i hv a prefect healthy happy boy and i wouldnt have it any other way. Tania
  • two natural and two c sections, would def go natural. Sharon
  • Not everyone has a choice. My wife wanted a natural birth but the doc said. If the baby don’t come out now it will halm my wife and my unborn baby. It doesn’t mean shit. We done the best thing we could for our babes health and my wife’s health. We are a hoppy family now and for anyone to have a opinion. Be in our shoes at the time. Brett
  • I had natural and c section. I had a much speeder recovery after c section. I didn’t have a great natural birth though. Gemma
  • I would prefer a vaginal birth 1 million times over a c-section. I have had 2 vaginal deliveries followed by 2 c-sections Kerry
  • I had an emergency cesarean and then vbac, the vbac was amazing compared to my first! But it all depends on you & your bub, I have a friend who had a very traumatic natural birth first & then c-section an she would go caesar over natural any day! It all depends on mum & bub as I said!! Sally
  • Ideally, natural. I have had 2 attempted natural deliveries both resulting in c-sections. Either way though, my babes and I remained safe and well, the most important part of it all. Shirley
  • So far I’ve only had 1 natural, painful birth however required surgery afterwards due to a retained placenta & it was the most traumatic thing I’ve ever been through! I had trouble afterwards & possibly suffered from PND however my doctor didn’t agree. I always thought I’d have a planned c-section next time round to avoid the retain placenta again but it’s such a big decision and my decision to make.. The birth of a child is an emotional & crazy journey but whatever happens, happens for a reason so whatever you chose is done for a reason & it doesn’t matter what anyone else thanks! Good luck to all the mummy’s with upcoming births Grae
  • I’ve had 2 natural, and had my third by csect 2 weeks ago because bubs was breech, and I preferred the csect, my recovery for this one is quicker than both my natural births, and I didn’t have to go through the trauma of giving birth…. but I did have my hubby doing everything for me while we were in hospital, all I did was feed bubs and he did everything else, so I was able to recover well in the first five days afterwards, but in saying that, I was up walking around, and able to shower on my own and everything the next morning, and I was in surgery til 6pm the night before, I found as long as I appreciated that it was surgery, and took it slow, I was able to move easily, and was doing everything I wanted to do within a week of having him, now he’s 2 weeks old, and I barely would know that I even just had a baby! Definitely would go csect again, as its so much better than natural.. obviously everyones different, but that’s my choice, and having experienced both, that’s just what works for me Amanda
  • I have my first as a vaginal delivery and ended up bubs had shoulder dystocia and I had 3rd degree tearing, recovery was very long and the birth traumatic. I tried to have my 3 other babies naturally but ended in C-section each time. Personally even after a terrible first birth I would choose a natural cos I was hoping for a normal delivery experience. I had no dramas with my caesareans and recovered the best from my last one so every one is truly different Megan
  • I had a c section with my first boy and recovered very very quickly and had no problems at all. I asked for another c section second time around because of how well the first one went but due to some medical problems I was told going VBAC would be a safer option. After worrying and not knowing what to expect I had a healthy 9lb 4 oz baby delivered with no epidural and can definitely say I prefer natural birth and can’t wait for baby no 3!! Rhiannon-Lea
  • Natural all the way I was so lucky that my first went so smoothly and can’t wait to do it again lol Alexa
  • I have had one of each and would choose natural hands down. Recovery from natural birth for me was long but nowhere near as painful or bad as recovery from c-section!! Cassandra
  • Two natural med free, two labours ending in cs. Vaginal birth for me was far far better than both cs and not just from a recovery point of view but being able to do everything for my baby immediately without pain and fear of pain from moving the wrong way or rolling over.Anne-Marie
  • Natural as I jumped off bed into shower after and and was fine to look after my lo and go back to teaching Zumba pretty much straight away. With c section my sister had pain after and wasn’t allowed to do certain things for a period of time. Ruth
  • Natural. I hated having to have a c section. I felt so cheated. Kind of felt like i wasnt really a woman that i took the easy way out of having a bub. baby number 2 and 3 were both natural and recovery was quicker and it hurt for less time. The labour pains for all 3 were excruciating but i preferred my natural births. Julie
  • Every natural and every c section experience is different for different people personally recovery on natural for me was 1 hour my daughter born via c section 6 mths ago took 3 months before sleeping in a bed! Not a pretty recovery! And had 2 yr old and baby to cater to as well! Bianca
  • The issue with these discussions is the terms ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ it’s no wonder those of us who end up/ or choose c-sect feel sad, shame, upset, depressed or somehow like a failure. As long as bubs is healthy who really cares!! People should be worried about their own birthing experience and not persecute those who’s is in others eyes weren’t ‘normal’ deliveries. The way I see it is I’m grateful for my children no matter how they arrived because there are plenty in the world who never get to take their babies home Aimee
  • I had a planned csection on my obstetrician recommendation. After hearing and seeing several terrible births I was glad I did, even though I was nervous at first. I was up and about next day, no issues – no pain relief required, nurses were surprised at my recovery. I’d do it again if I had another. Katie
  • So many different experiences here. Ive read a few of them. Women have been having babies for centuries and you’d think it would all be so easy now. Reading some of these comments you can see its not. Goes to show no two pregnancies or labours are the same. Julie
  • I had two vaginal births with no drugs and a c section to deliver my twins (I did recieve negative comments for my choice but with a 1 in 200 chance of loosing bub number 2 I wasnt going to take the risk). I recovered from all 3 births quickly. Both types were positive experiences. My friend had 3 c sections, she doesnt feel like she missed out on anything. I think which ever way you chose to go, do whats right for you and your bub, cause the most important thing at the end of the day is a healthy bub and healthy mum. I think we have to stop referring to it as naturally or c section, cause in my opinion they are both natural. Kirsty
  • whatever results in a healthy baby and Mum. Kay
  • Child 1 was emergency c-section and took 3 months for my wound to close up and heal!! Painful! Child 2 was a vaginal birth, although I was booked in for c-section (as both my kids went over full term). But I got to experience both forms of deliveries and much preferred vaginal birth as I got up had a shower and got to hold my baby straight away. Instead of wait 2hrs in recovery like I did when I had my c-section. Had two gorgeous healthy bubs. So I’m happy either way Carol
  • Natural I was up & on my feet straight away. C section is approx 6 weeks recovery. Mine was emergency so I wasn’t mentally prepared either. I was very unhappy that I had to have one but glad my little boy was ok. It made recovery harder having my 2 yr old running around too. Jaci
  • I chose an elective c-section for my third birth after an emergency c-section with twins (2nd preg) after induction (compound presentation), first birth was induced NVD. Honestly neither of my singletons would have put me in labour – first had a comfy pillow of amniotic fluid in front of his head so only engaged about 4 hours prior to his birth (after many hours of labour) once the ruptured those membranes; and fourth baby had too much room and was all over the place in her position – in the weeks leading up to her birth she was head down (cephalic), breech, cephalic, transverse up high, cephalic. My NVD was my biggest baby (4225g/9lb5oz) and for the most part well controlled. Had an epidural (could still feel everything except the full strength pain), was induced but no instrumental help to deliver and pushed him out in 12 mins of pushing. Second degree tear. No issues afterwards other than pain/discomfort. Only dramas with the emergency c-section was the epidural had the same effect of the first – took away most of the pain but still felt it all, which became a problem when they needed me numb for the surgery. I needed a lot of meds to achieve that, and that in turn created complications for me. Again once it was all over, and once I was up and about at about 8 hours post I was ok. Second section felt a lot more controlled (of course), the spinal for me was much much better (and wore off quickly afterwards), pain wise not overly different, perhaps a little worse than the first but then circumstances were different which was definitely a factor. The elective was the right call for us all, especially with three other kids under 3yo to organise for the day of the birth as well. Definitely do your research, ask a lot of questions of your health care professionals and friends alike, there are always risks but it’s about the right choice for YOU and your family. I seriously considered a VBAC but it just wasn’t the right option for us, I know many people who have had wonderful success with a VBAC and even one home birth VBAC Jo

Did you have C Section or natural birth which is better?

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