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C-Section under General Anaesthetic

c-section under general anaestheticWhat were your experiences with c-section under general anaesthetic?

  • very difficult emotionally,make sure someone can take photos as soon as is allowed as you will be a bit out of it..make sure you have your wishes written down eg skin to skin,breastfeeding etc .. Ally
  • Hard emotionally did need counselling for awhile afterwards just felt like I missed “that moment” but I had no problems bonding with baby whatsoever. Feel free to message me Tina
  • I was really out of it for the first 4 hours after the birth, it was crazy! Thankfully family took pics, visitors did heaps and I slept. I woke up alone with a screaming baby and had no idea what was happening, but eventually got there with the help of some wonderful midwives! Nothing beats holding your baby for the first time! Diane
  • It was 8 weeks ago and I’m only just now getting better emotionally as you miss heaps. Make sure you let your partner or midwife know if you want skin to skin afterwards as it can be a few hours before you meet bubs after recovery. It is really hard and the worst way to have your baby delivered. Liana
  • I had to have an emergency c-section under a general due to potential health complications with a spinal block or epidural. I wouldn’t have had it any other way given we were both safe. I came through the operation successfully & my beautiful son was born healthy & perfect. I know people say you miss out on skin on skin contact & it affects bonding but I had none of those issues. I love my little boy with all of my heart & had no bonding issues whatsoever. He was taken straight to my partner & mum & was perfectly fine & meeting him for the first time when I can back to my room was the best moment of my life. I have never looked back. I think I will opt for a general next time (I have to have another c-section now next time around) as long as the baby I are safe nothing else matters. Vanessa
  • Will take a lot longer for you to get together with baby. Make sure a support person and midwives know if you want to breastfeed. You can wake up in a bit more pain as you dont have the block but they get it under control quickly. Baby is usually born a little ‘sleepy’ from the GA and may need some breathing support initially. Can just take a bit to come to terms with the emotions it brings about. Also your partner will not be able to be in the theatre but will be able to go with the baby so in my case hubby had lots of bonding time with bubs. It was 7 hrs before I saw my son, I had complications though. Kay
  • I had a good experience under general. I was prepared for the experience as the c section was elective due to spinal problems and I could not have regional anaesthetic. I was concerned about bonding with bub, but this was no problem it does take longer for milk supply to come in and bubs may have to be formula supplemented in the first few hours but all being well things are the same just 12 hours behind. Mu recovery was excellent and quick but the first day u need someone with you. I had no additional probs at he. My hubby was allowed in for the procedure after I was under which was good but u need to warn them that baby doesn’t come out crying because they have also received some anaesthetic. If I can have a regional next time under an ultrasound machine I might consider this but overall I was not upset about this and I have a healthy, happy little girl. Hayley
  • I ended up having a general with an emergency c-section and didn’t get to meet my little boy until 2 hours (complications with the anaesthetic). We had skin on skin at that stage though and had no trouble bonding or breastfeeding. It was a good time for Dad to bond while I was out. It’s only now, almost 5 months later that I’m feeling sad I missed out on those first few moments together but everyone was safe and well, which is all that really matters at the end of the day Sarah
  • I have ceaser under general, things went relatively smooth until my son was a bit blue when he first came out but within 4 mins he was okay. The ceaser under general was so much better compared to a horrendous emergency ceaser with an epidural! My first was “natural” ended up with complications after birth, i was knocked out for 7 days in hospital if anything effected the bonding would of been that. Dont put so much pressure on urself, i fell in love with my 3 kids when i first saw them, births havnt effected ever how much i love them and/or our bond. Rachel
  • My 1st was such an emergency l didn’t know it was going to be a c or under general but l found my recovery so much better than the other c. Only negative was it took ages (5 days) for my milk to come in due to all the drugs in my system Jaki
  • I ended up getting a general halfway through my c section as my epi wasn’t holding (that was fun). Have had no issues bonding or otherwise with my son. Get pictures, have your partner be with your baby (mine had to go straight to nursery due to complications anyway so nobody got skin on skin that first night) Make sure the midwives know if you plan on breastfeeding, but tell yourself that this is what’s best for you and your baby, as long as you guys come out alright you will be alright. Adele
  • Only if you need it… but my experience was under an emergency situation at 28weeks… I would have given anything to firstly have hubby in the operating room and secondly be awake for bubs to arrive. Didnt see bubs for over a day due to being in ICU and no hold for several days. Nurses expressed for me for the first few days and still bf now at 17m…. we are both here and thats the main thing. Alli
  • I was booked for a c-section, but bub wanted to arrive earlier then our booking date, a very fast labour and feotal distress ended in a general. I was inititally gutted about it as I wasn’t “there” to meet bub and hubby wasnt allowed in the room ( as was an emergency), so he also wasnt there. I felt no one was there to meet our bub. Was 12hrs before I meet my little man for the first time. Hubby did show me photos on the phone though. Bub was affected by the general (& prob initital feotal distress) so spent a few days in a humidcrib until breastfeeding established and he was medically cleared. I felt we had no issues bonding despite no skin to skin contact straight up. Recovery was good, better then i had expected of a csection in general. Krystal
  • Can u not have a spinal and stay awake? My first 3 c sections I barely remember as I had a general but my last 2 I had a spinal, was awake and loved every min, remember it too. Angela
  • I have nothing to compare it to but I was sad my husband couldnt come in and announce the sex of our baby. However my son wasnt breathing when born and had to be resuscitated for 6 minutes and I started to bleed out and had to have 2 blood transfusions so I think being under a general anaesthetic was a very good thing for me! Katie

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