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Camping With a 6 month Old Baby

camping with a 6 month old babyHas anyone been camping with a 5-6 month old? What are some essential items to take to make life easier?

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  • #2 lots of wet ones. Mary
  • We went camping with our son last month and we made sure we had the following: portacot with change table, camping high chair, lots of bottled water and a kettle for formula, enough food sachets/jars, enough nappies and wipes, plenty of clothes as we noticed if my son was cold he would wet through, we had a 2.5 tog sleeping bag for him but will take a 3.5 next time plus a grow suit, toys and a play pen (we used a mesh ball pit) for them to play în. Kate
  • A playpen Emily
  • We went camping when miss now 2 was 5 months we only took a portacot, pram (she got feed in the pram) bottles ( every thing you need for cleaning bottles) used the bed for getting her dressed and nappy changes she had a shower with hubby or I . Theressa
  • A porta cot!! Even if it’s just for them to play in while you sit down.. I didn’t take anything and had to hold my bub the entire time Amy
  • we use a safety first camping high chair with toys tied to it to keep bub occupied. Otherwise a good babycarrier (Manduca is what we use) is great to carry baby around and keep them out of the sand. Large blankets for baby to roll around on too. Good luck Ange
  • My took my boy camping at 8 weeks old, and he camped 10 times before he was 1. He loves it! Take lots of clothes for different weather, somewhere warm to sleep, lots of nappies and cloths etc, more than you think you need! At that age we also took a big tarp and blanket for bub to wriggle around and play on. Megan
  • A porta cot was my go to essential. A few extra toys also to keep them entertained. Don’t over complicate it! Elicia
  • My daughter was only 4 months so it would have been a bit easier for us but basically we took, bouncer, port-a-cot, lots of warm clothes/blankets (it’s cold where we go), lots of water, Milton sterilising solution (and a big tub to put it in), some toys a big bucket for bathing and then just usual nappies, wipes ect
    Didn’t take a play pen as we just used the port-a-cot as one because we were limited on room in the car.
    I didn’t take one but if you use one, get a battery operated baby monitor or day sleeps ect. Jess
  • Just incase you make all food your child’s food.. take enough veg and meat to cook your own.. Went away with my bub and he refused packet food… So each destination I was steaming ,stick blending and mashing… At that age the leaves blowing in the wind entertains so pack something to sit or lay in.. And don’t forget areoguard. , nurofen , teething gel. . Nicole
  • PORTACOT…best invention ever when it comes to camping. Not just to sleep in but you can bring it out of the tent for them to play with during the day when you are doing things where you can’t supervise properly.
    Loads of wipes, lots of food pouche
    s, gas burner so that you can warm food/bottles up quickly without having to start a fire.
    We bring a video baby monitor hooked up to a camping battery so that once the children are in bed that we can relax and not have to check on them etc.
    If they drink formula, make up the bottles with the water already in them and have the formula in formula containers so that you can just add the formula to the bottles and heat.
    Have fun. Bree
  • Porta cot is a must. One to keep the insects away. The first time we went away we didn’t have this and my poor baby got eaten alive. Since this no bites. Melanie
  • Those jigsaw foam mats are good, some flooring outside the tent and a portacot with mozzie net. We just camped from Perth to Broome with a 7mth and a one yr old and those were the most important things. A car fridge certainly helps as well. Louise
  • Portacot, high chair, play mat (blow up pool if not crawling to put in). I needed power – sterilise bottles etc mozzie coils. Hot & cold clothes because nights get cool. Water!!! Whole tin of formula or formula sachets for weetbix. Fruit….. Dustine
  • Went camping last week with 8month old. Obviously Portacot (awesome as a playpen during day to) If eating solids take a highchair or pram with a plastic mat(or towel) so you don’t end up with food mess, bugs etc around tent. Also a took a big rubber bucket thing then when having shower I filled with water and bathed bubs after my shower so easy and can also be used as a paddling pool during day (if bubs is sitting unassisted) take a couple sets of sheets for Portacot (you never know when bubs may have unexpected spill in bed and ya can’t do washing camping. Also a few hats and lots of sunblock and some warm clothes for nights. Picnic blanket for tummy time so mummy can have wine time. Sacha
  • We took out 6 month old on a two month camping trip to the cape and back he loved it the most handy thing I took was a camp high chair it folds up like any other camp chair so it doesn’t take up to much room, you can also get a safe natural insect repellent made by moo goo swear by it and use it myself too, and yep wee took a bucket for bathing too was perfect for him to sit in and comes in handy for lots of other things I could go on for hours lol but those are the main things other than porta cot. Enjoy il see if I have a photo handy of the high chair. Kristie
  • Amongst the usual stuff needed every day, plus bug spray & sunscreen. Kathie
  • We camped with our 4 month old, best thing I can think of would be white noise and anything you have that you can use to darken the tent. We had neither and found day sleeping average at best… A play mat, some toys, a fan in case it’s hot, swimmers and swimming nappies are all good value. As long as your little one isn’t crawling yet, you should find it pretty cruisy if he/she sleeps well. Enjoy! Kat

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