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Carnival Themed Games

For our carnival themed party we have carnival themed party bags, carnival themed food and of course the carnival themed entertainment.

We didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money so most of these games can be done on a tight budget or with things you have at home.



inflatable bumpers

from Active Games

  • These awesome bumpers had the kids running around all party. We had 3 and they had so much fun bumping into each other. And no injuries.
  • Everyone who has a turn gets some play money to buy something from the prize table.

Shoot a duck game

shoot a duck game

  • Set up some ducks or other toys on a narrow piece of wood
  • Alternatively you can use a golf ball on a golf tee
  • Use a nerf gun or water gun to knock them off
  • The kids had a ball with this one!
  • Such a simple game but it kept everyone entertained, including a few of the adults.

Donut bobbing

donut bobbing game

  • Hang a cinnamon donut per child from a tree or like we did from a playground
  • Adjust height to ensure each child can reach
  • Children try to eat donuts with their hands behind their backs
  • The only problem was when some of the donuts fell off into the sand, so have a few spares.

Photo Booth

carnival party photo prop - carnival party gamesPhoto Prop from Shop Now HQ

  • have some fun getting the kids taking their pictures with this carnival photo prop
  • We got some very cute photos of the kids using this photo prop.

Photo Booth Set Up

photo booth setup

  • I tethered my camera (Canon SLR) to my computer and put on a tripod
  • There is a program on the Canon camera that comes on the software called EOS utility which allows remote shooting using the computer
  • Hang up a plain sheet for a backdrop
  • Gather props eg scarves, glasses, hats, photo frames
  • My kids LOVE dressing up, so this was heaps of fun
  • After the party send the photos out to all the families who attended as a momento of the day, or have a printer there to print as you go


DIY photo booth

Photo Propsphoto props

These awesome photo props were custom made for us by Not Made in China Sewing

Ball Toss

ball toss: carnival themed games

  • A simple game that had the kids lining up for a turn.
  • Mark 3 tubs with the numbers 1, 2, 3
  • Kids take turns in trying to throw the ball into a bucket.
  • They get 3 points for the bucket the furthest away, 2 points for the bucket in the middle and 1 point for the closest bucket.
  • Change the starting line depending on the age of the kids, older kids throw from further back

Share your ideas for carnival themed games and entertainment in the comments below

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