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6 Christmas Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Babies

What do we love about Lauren’s Christmas crafts for toddlers? Everything!  For a time poor Mum, I know that they are simple and rewarding – for parents and children alike. Plus there are some activities suitable for baby.

Christmas crafts for toddlersWell, we are in November! That means it’s time to get serious about Christmas! So today we’re sharing some cute Christmas crafts and activities that you can enjoy with your baby or toddler (or both at the same time if you’re brave).

Discovery bottle

Discovery bottles are my GO TO baby play activity because they’re just so easy to make and so fun for babies as it allows them to safely explore materials they wouldn’t normally.  This one pictured here has some dyed rice, pom poms and scrunched up cellophane in it.

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

Footprint Christmas tree or handprint with a heart

Whoever came up with this idea to turn a baby’s footprint (upside down) into a Christmas tree is very clever (image via Pinterest, but original source no longer available). I recently discovered that an ink pad makes a much nicer footprint than paint! Then all you have to do is add some decorations! Handprints are lovely too – we just added a love heart to the palm and this very sweet poem.

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

Sensory bin

What an awesome sensory bin of Christmasy fun! Filled with pine scented dyed rice, mini Christmas tree and a few random red and green bits and bobs this will keep a toddler busy for ages! (Sorry in advance about the rice mess on your floor. Maybe do this one outside?).

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler
Salt dough ornaments

Salt dough is such an easy way for little ones to make their own Christmas tree ornaments and decorations (our go-to recipe is simply 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour and ½ cup warm water). Babies can stamp their hand or footprints into the dough, while toddlers will enjoy making shapes with Christmas cookie cutters.

Homemade rainbow salt dough ornaments!

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

Scented play dough

Doesn’t that scent of pine trees remind you of Christmas? Well add a few drops of pine scent to your next batch of play dough and use those Christmas cookie cutters again to make all sorts of Christmasy shapes.

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

Pipe cleaner candy cane threading

All you need for this activity to keep little hands busy, is some red and white pipe cleaners and something to thread onto them (we used Cheerios cereal). Twist the pipe cleaners together to look like a candy cane, and then thread on the cheerios (or eat them – which is probably what your toddler will end up doing!).

Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler

Countdown to Christmas

One last lovely idea that babies, toddlers, preschoolers AND big kids will enjoy in the lead up to Christmas, is unwrapping one book each night, starting the first of December, and ending on Christmas Eve. What a fantastic educational advent calendar idea!

Please keep in mind some activities may pose a choking hazard to small children. Adjust accordingly and monitor closely.

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Do you have some great ideas for Christmas crafts + activities for baby & toddler? Why not share them with the Baby Hints & Tips community.

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