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Christmas Presents for Nieces and Nephews

Christmas Presents for Nieces and NephewsHow much do you spend or what do you do for Christmas presents for nieces and nephews or cousins? Do you spend different amounts for different family members?

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  • Hubby & I come from very large families (all parents are remarried so there’s 4 families) so we do a KK for each of the adults ($50) & everyone buys for the kids limit depends each year depending on what’s out there but what we spend on one child, we spend the same on all the other kids too, in saying that, last year I made all their presents, I put some wooden pegs & crafty stuff in a bag & we all made reindeer peg tree decorations & I printed off some Christmas colouring in pages & bought a packet of textas & gave them all a box of chalk each, they actually had more fun with the cheap handmade type present than they have in the past with bought presents.   Kristin
  • We have 8 nieces and nephews & having our 3rd bub soon so we try keep $20-$30 each niece/nephew. Often our kids get nothing in return or get a very budget gift. This year we did secret santa and once again one of our kids luck out with no present from one aunty & uncle! Next year we may not bother but it makes me sad the kids miss out.   Anon
  • My nieces and nephews each have a $20 limit at Xmas and I only buy bday presents til they’re 5 ish… When the parties stop. If you think that’s being tight…. I’m unemployed have a son of my own and have 9 nieces and nephews so it all adds up.   Kathryn
  • I think you just need to buy what you’re happy with & it shouldn’t matter what you get in return.   Danielle
  • By not overspending on xmas my kids have learned to appreciate the time with family more. Used to spend 200ish (or more) on each, but they got so focussed of the presents “next” they’d say, n look for more, they were ignoring the ppl who love them n gave the presents to them (n it’s heartbreaking to search n spend all year, just to have them look for the next one to open without appreciating what u bought). However, if I could afford it, I’d spend big on one “big” (expensive) present for each.   Mel
  • We have 18 nieces and nephews so I aim to spend the value of about $20 each. I say “value” because if I can get $20 beach towels on clearance for $5 each (which is what they got last year) then that is good enough for me. I’m the boring Aunty who buys practical items rather than toys. We both have big families so we don’t buy for siblings and usually give our parents something small plus Santa photos of our 2 kids.   Donna
  • we do kids under 18, over 18 goes into a secret santa $50 each person.   Toni
  • I think spending on kid’s presents has gotten WAY out of control. I know ppl who spend 800+ on their kids (each)! Cannot justify that personally, I give myself a budget of 100 each for my 3 os, n try hard not to over extend. They get enough extras thru year, and birthdays etc.. I’m not MADE of money.   Mel
  • I have 17 nieces/nephews to buy for, each get around 20-30 dollars and I try and theme it for the age groups I.e this year the 3-7 yr olds each got a board game, the 10yr plus group are getting iTunes cards , the under 3’s got a musical instrument..   Melanie
  • Our families don’t buy presents anymore, only for our own kids and just do better gifts for the nieces/nephews birthdays. We feel the kids already get so much and Christmas is more about everyone getting together.   Jo
  • We have 19 (nieces/nephews) to buy for plus another 14 (friends//kids/family). We have spent well over $1000 in the past. We have decided to cut back this year. We have 3 kids of our own & we were spending all that money on everyone else.   Belinda
  • I have 8 nieces and nephews. We made an agreement between us and my 2 SIL’s that we spend $30 per kid….Xmas and birthday then it’s all fair for everyone.   Carla
  • I have 10 nieces n nephews I get things out of the norm (cause there pretty much got everything) I make sure there clearance or really good bargain so I can get more with in my budget around $15 each you would be surprised on how much they get of us for that amount I’m the bargain queen lol.   Suzanne
  • I have 11 nieces and nephews…so yes there is a budget! I spend the same on all of them, but I try to purchase on special so they get an awesome item within my set amount.   Renee
  • We have 3 nieces and 5 nephews and try to limit spending to $20 each, it all adds up otherwise!   Karen
  • I have 2 nieces n a new nephew, cos I have to post their presents I need keep price down to round 10-15 each n keep it lightweight.. (Went to KMart to look for presents yesterday, normally love shopping there, they changed it all, so went home empty handed n lost for ideas).   Mel
  • I would spend 20-30 dollars each.   Simone
  • I spend the most on my niece as she is an only child.   Nikki
  • We usually spend up to $300 on each of our children for xmas & birthday combined. This year we went a bit over that & brought them a play fort to share so they are getting a small gift to open from Santa on xmas day but they are 3 & under so we can get away with it. (They already have the fort) On nieces & nephews (20 of them) I can’t afford much. $20 or there abouts. I’ve told my family that my kids don’t need anything so don’t feel like they have to buy for them but they still do & it’s the thought that counts.   Kershel
  • We have an ‘agreement’ with each other. (Myself and my husband, his sister and her husband) Up to say $75 on each of the kids (we’ve got 2 each) And between us and the 2 parents we out names in a hat and lucky dpi one person to spend ($15 last year) $20 this year as a kris crinkle type thing.   Jennifer
  • Previously we’ve only bought for the kids. Adults get cards. Price of gift for children is irrelevant. If I like it, I buy it! We celebrate Christmas in January, so it’s easier for it to be more about its true meaning. Church, lunch and reflection. Gifts make it seem too hokey for me. I think it’s a cultural thing…   Sam
  • I spend $5-$10 on gifts bought in bulk on aliexpress or clearance. I have 8 nephews under 10 by my sister alone. They are getting 100 bakugan figurines to share and a fishing rod each this year. I have 2 kids myself and gets expensive. ..especially when partner loses job so close to xmas.   Alys

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  • This will be my first Christmas as an Aunty! Yay!!!! Can guarantee I’ll be going overboard.   Peta
  • I have 4 kids, 7 nieces and 3 nephews…we just buy them all a chocolate Santa stocking each…They get plenty from their parents and most kids would have more fun with chocolate I buy birthday gifts though for each…I think that’s more special.   Melisa
  • We do a Kris Kringle with just the Nieces n nephews. There are 11 so it was getting too expensive to buy for them all & we limit to $20. Kids don’t care what is spent on them they are just happy to get something.   Trudie
  • I think there should definitely be a maximum spend but NOT a minimum. for example my little girls is 11 months at Christmas. I don’t see why her aunties and uncles should feel the need to spend 50 just because they r for the older niece and nephews. Babies have no clue and I think it’s the thought of the gift not how expensive it is.   Soph
  • My grown up children each buy a gift for their own children and write with love from aunty and uncle. So they spend what they want the ones without kids don’t feel they need to give and it works well.   Sheryll
  • Lol this year, a $10 etch sketch board for 2 nephew and 1 niece and a $10 plush toy for the newborn niece. Last year I only had the one nephew he got a $50 Elmo outdoor setting LOL. (One neice and nephew have recently been married into the family) My husband’s baby siblings get more money spent on them then my older siblings. We can’t afford much so we divide what we can afford by how many people.   Kerri-ann
  • $15 limit on all non direct (mum/dad/siblings/kids) family members.   Kate
  • We do around $30 for nieces/nephews.If your wanting to spend that much & happy with whatever gift your child gets then that’s fine, but if not maybe you should discuss with family what everyone thinks is a good price range.   Rebecca
  • Also we do “secret Santa” with the adults which are $50. Everyone gets a gift but you only have to buy one gift. Sara
  • About $10.00 to $15.00 for cousins & friends kids. There is quite a few of them though about 14 to buy for so I’m glad you can get some pretty cool things in that price range! I wait for sales etc.   Danielle
  • For our nephews (no nieces yet lol) is around $10-$15 each. But u can get great pressies from Kmart for that price range.   Kirsty
  • Spend the same on all kids. Kids feel it if others a favored.   Sara
  • $50 each.   Jenni
  • I buy for nieces and nephews the same $ amount.   Sarah
  • Too much, lol   Cassie
  • Honestly, I find something that I know they like and tend to just ignore the price tag if it really isn’t too high. If I wanted to spend $30, but it’s only a little bit more, I buy it anyway.   Robyn
  • $50 each niece n nephew.   Meekz
  • Cut it WAY back and almost completely out! we buy only for our Own kids and parents now…one niece and Nephew might get a pressie and it’s the most we would spend on any of them because their parents spend that amount on our kids…Probably about 50/60 each for those ones, but trying to cut that out too…used to be no more than 10-20 otherwise, ITs just too Dear to buy for everyone now days.   Tanya
  • I would spend $200 on my child but no more than $50 on a niece or nephew. In saying that often the $50 item is purchased on sale so therefore costs much less. I find the kinds don’t care on cost the adults do.   Jacqueline
  • I am good – I set a budget each year – again, as with last year I’ve gone way over – yes I’m good at blowing my Christmas budget. Lol.   Jacqueline
  • We’ve got 18 nieces and nephews so limit it to $30 each. Does make it hard to buy for older ones though trying to get something good that they’ll like. We stop buying at 18 years old and include them with the adult Secret Santa.   Narelle
  • None. I don’t get too see them any more thanks to their parents :,(   Emily
  • I got 3 nephews and spend $100 on each.   Korina
  • Oh, I misread that as “how much time do you spend with nieces/nephews” sorry.   Jennifer
  • They all live too far away.   Jennifer

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  • I do $20 for each of the nieces and nephews. There is 9 on my side and 6 on hubbys side.   Sharron
  • We usually spend app $40 on nieces/nephews. Don’t usually buy our siblings anything but his yr we have something special for them as we just had family pics taken Also buy for my god daughters x3 (+ 2 big sisters) and 2 little cousins I count as nephews.   Natasha
  • Roughly $75 for niece, nephew and my two younger cousins.   Carmen
  • We spend $50 each on the niece & nephews…. The number of them is increasing every year lol.   Tezza
  • I try to spend $20 on my niece n nephews, as long as they get something that’s all that matters.   Mel
  • About $30 each.   Aleesa
  • I don’t think it matters how much you spend. I think especially for kids they should get something. We only buy for kids and do a Kris Kringle for the adults. We give gifts usually for what they need or want it and it makes them excited to get what they really wanted we also save for Xmas starting at the beginning of the year so we have money to spend at Xmas.   Melissa
  • About $50 for each.. I have 5 nieces/nephew, so it’s an average.. One might be a bit cheaper if it’s a great pressie on a midyear sale, others might be just over, but I try to stay around the $50 mark for all..   Karla
  • We have a $50 limit.   Jenna-lee
  • With my own kids they don’t get much throughout the year so I spend big $2000 for 3 kids plus holiday (there is no excuse for a poor xmas) u lay by throughout the yr and buy throughout the yr they average about 15-20 gifts each depending on the cist for each item.   Suzanne
  • $20 – $30. It used to be $50 but now I have 10 nieces and nephews plus 2 children I had to cut back….Kim
  • I spend around $40-$50 on my Nieces.   Meg
  • We spend $50 for niece/nephew but we only see 2 of them and there’s only 4 in total. I guess it would depend on how many you had! We only spent $300 on our daughter but she’s only 6 months old so we didn’t want to go too all out until she can really enjoy it.   Sara
  • We have about 16 nephews and nieces on one side of the family. We just don’t buy anything for each other.   Kathryn
  • I buy what I think they will love!!!!! They are very spot this yr!!!!!   Michelle
  • I’ve got 3 nieces and 5 nephews, 4 are older so they all get $50 vouchers but the two little ones on my side we have set a $20 budget for the kids this year cause they get sooo much.   Jenni
  • I buy for my 14 and 10 year old cousin and spend about $50. Only buy for them as well as my brother and sister, my Nan and my parents. Plus buy for my 3 kids from Santa spend well over 2000 at Xmas.   Michelle
  • I don’t have any nieces or nephews on my side. Hubby’s side there’s only one nephew. We spend about $30.   Jess
  • I have 5 kids; my sister has 3 n my brother has 2. If I average it out to $25 per child that’s $125 that they are spending just on my kids so I kind of aim for the same per family.   Shellie
  • I give to all my nieces and nephews however as I have a few it’s a $20 limit(ish), on the year we all see each other they get a present to open on the year we don’t see them (we done one for one without other families) they get a card with $20 so they can spend it on what they want, usually they are saving for something big and expensive.   Jodie
  • We don’t by for adults. Kiddlies make and decorate Xmas cookies for grandparents and greats. $10 limit on nieces and nephews and a big Xmas party full of lollies and chips for the kiddlies and cousins Xmas night. Love Xmas it’s just wonderful.   Megan
  • We spend $20 each as we have a few.   Kaitlyn

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  • We spend $50 per family. That could be the money spent on the children or in the adults its up to us but limit of fifty bucks.   Jessica
  • Nieces and nephews get $50 cash and that is as far as it extends. We only have 5 on both sides and very close to them all. They are all 18-21 too so too hard buying gifts.   Carissa
  • My nephews get ~$35 each (brothers) niece (only child) ~$60 cause I’ve got two kids.   Bec
  • I have been giving my sister and her kids movie voucher and one a also for my brothers kids so over the school holidays they can have a day out at the movies. My kid’s birthdays are all close to xmas so we try to work out what is for birthdays and what is for xmas. Also have mother in-law, and sister in-laws birthdays two and three days after xmas.   Michelle
  • Nieces and nephews get $50 for bday and xmas so do grandparents and sis and bros and we usually spend a couple hundred on each other and our child.  Abbie
  • We just buy for the kids and do kris kringle for adults so we spend $150-200 on each neice and nephew there are only 4 of them. I’m sure once there are more the amount will decrease.   Nicole
  • Previously we bought for our brothers and sisters nieces and nephews but it’s way to much so this year we have decided it’s all about the kids. Not really about the presents but spending the day together with family. So we will try spend the same amount on each child. It’s hard when u come from two large families. I wish Santa put money on trees. Hahaha.   Michelle
  • I have a $50 max on all gifts who are not my hubby or kids, this does not mean I spend $50 on each person it’s just the limit sometimes iv spent $70 on one person/kid and $30 on another!   Caitlyn
  • $25/$30 each kid, I don’t buy for cousins. It’s just my siblings kids and grandparents/ parents! U can get great stuff with our spending a lot of money!! I only have 1 child and I spent about $250-$300 on him his got way to much.   Bianca
  • $30 each.   Fiona
  • My sister gets them a movie ticket and chocolate I get them cash and chocolate we generally spend 20/30 each.   Tammy
  • I spend $50 each niece and nephew i have 5 altogether plus my two boys which this year they are not getting as much as last year. I do however buy from February and when things are on sale, then I decide what’s for birthday and xmas as their birthday comes up. I only buy what’s on sale!   Mandy
  • $50 for the kids (not our own) and $75-$100 on adults.   Chloe
  • I spend $ 20 on each that is under 12.   Kim
  • We do kk that’s $80 unless you’re under 16 then everyone buys for you.   Chloe
  • My kids $50 each and then up to $200 for a joint, hubby up to $150, mil mum dad brothers sisters sils etc $100 each, nieces and nephews $50 each and then up to $50 on other family we see on the day. I just buy something each week throughout the year, then it’s not a mad rush or stress come Christmas.   Jessica
  • We set the same limit for everyone and only buy for our parent’s kids and the 4 nieces and 5 nephews.   Kristy
  • I spend ~$50 per nephew, but there are only two of them so I figure we can spend a fair amount. If there were twice as many it’d probably be half that.   Amy
  • We have 3 nieces and 5 nephews and spend about $50-$70 on each depending on how ‘much’ I get for my money. Sometimes $50 doesn’t go far but sales help. We also but for close friends kids $50 budget.   Kirsty
  • I only have a nephew at the moment and a niece or nephew due just before Christmas. I don’t have a limit; I just buy throughout the year until I think I’ve got enough. Some people would probably say it’s a bit much but I don’t mind spending the money on him.   Jessica
  • $50.   Belinda
  • I have 2 nieces and 3 nephews we try and keep it around $50 each.   Karla
  • I’d spend between $40 -$50 on my nieces and nephews.   Donna

What is your plan for Christmas presents for Nieces and Nephews this year?

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