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Circumcision Adelaide

There’s a lot to consider if you’re wanting to get a circumcision for your baby boy in Adelaide.  So we’ve put together this handy guide with information on both the process of getting your child circumcised and specific clinics you can take your child to in different parts of Adelaide. However, this is only a guide so make sure to consult with your doctor before making this decision.

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How does one go about getting their child circumcised in Adelaide?

To get your child circumcised in Adelaide you need a referral from a GP. Unless the circumcision is for medical reasons they will not give you a referral to a public hospital. This is because public hospitals do not preform circumcisions except for medical reasons. Generally, you will be referred to a private clinic or (rarely) a private hospital. It is important to discuss the pros and cons of this process with your GP before you make your decision. It is generally recommended that circumcisions are not preformed until the child is over 6 months old, but different practitioners have different requirements in regards to age.

Religious Circumcision: Brit Milah

Often people will wish to circumcise their children for religious reasons. Within Judaism, children will often be circumcised by a Mohel in a service known as Brit Malah. However, laws vary between areas regarding whether it is legal for circumcision to be conducted in a Synagogue. Consult with your Rabbi in order to discuss what kind of service is provided in your area.

Adelaide Circumcision Clinics

Northern Adelaide

Adelaide Circumcision Clinic -480 Port Road, West Hindmarsh, SA 5007 – (08) 8241 5556

Adelaide Circumcision Clinic – 60 Park Terrace, Salisbury, SA, 5108 – (08) 82810022

Nick Brook Urology – 89 Strangways Tce, North Adelaide, SA, 5006 – (08) 8267 1424

Lyell McEwin Hospital -Haydown Road, Elizabeth Vale, SA,  5112 – (08) 8182 9000

PAEDIATRICS SA – Memorial Medical Centre, 1 Kermode Street, North Adelaide SA 5006 – (08) 8267 3807

Inner-city Adelaide

Ashford Hospital -55 Anzac Highway, Ashford ,SA, 5035 – (08) 8375 5222

Burnside Hospital -120 Kensington Road, Toorak Gardens, SA 5065 – (08) 8202 7222

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