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fun cooking ideas with toddlersWhat dinners do you like to cook with your toddlers/preschoolers? Our standard is pizzas but would love to try something new, any suggestions?

Here is a great spelt pizza recipe base that is ideal to make with kids

  • Homemade sausage rolls. My little boy loves to help me do these.  Carla
  •  I was thinking crepes or omelettes (getting them to add the toppings like with pizzas) but I’m not in the mood for either.   Sarah
  • My ds loves deviled sausages with mash & veg.  Suzie
  •  I’d love to know too, ATM pizza is the main thing and she loves coming in the kitchen and helping but most other things are too dangerous like near stoves or chopping etc…We also do cakes and muffins etc..  Ash
  •  Spaghetti and meatballs…my nephews and nieces love making the meatballs (my day is only 18mo, so not quite ready for food prep yet).   Keirryn
  •  Stir fry’s its easy and they can help put everything in.  Chantelle
  •  Veggie bake is a nice easy one.  Kelly
  •  Tacos are great too either hard or soft. They can choose what they put in them. Nachos is another good one-I use all the same things for tacos so the taco mince guacamole sour cream cheese & chopped tomato etc on top of the corn chips gets a wee bit messy but it’s a fav for my kids.  Misty
  •  My kids like making tacos and lasagna. One of them won’t actually eat it but she likes making the food.  Cherie
  •  Pies – can cut out the pastry, scoop in the filling, use pastry cutters to put shapes or their initials on & can brush the egg on top too.  Deanne
  •  My Mr 3 loved smashing up the feta and rubbing the oil into the pastry. He’s a mini master chef lol.  I made Jamie Oliver’s spinach and feta filo pie with some chicken through it. Was a hit with the kids and so so easy. Next time id put in some mushrooms as well.  Lynette

Cooking with toddlers – what meals do you cook with your toddler?

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