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{CRAFT} Bottle Chickens

by Bec from Toddler Craft

Every time my toddler and I get all the craft stuff out (which is all the time) I ask him what he would like to make. For the past week he has been saying a chicken and I kept steering him in other directions, like a car or a boat, as I couldn’t think of a good way to make a chicken. I had a good think about it and looked through our recycled treasures and we came up with these cute little guys. He loves them and is still playing with them today


–       Egg Carton
–       Plastic Bottle, Yoghurt Tub or similar
–       Red Card
–       Yellow Paint
–       Googly Eyes
–       Feather or cotton wool


1. Cut egg cup out of egg carton for the head and paint it yellow

2. Snip the pointed part of egg carton for the beak and paint it red

3. Set the egg cup sideways and glue / stick the beak on the flat part

4. Stick on eyes

5. Cut rounded part of bottle (or choose yoghurt tub) for the body and paint it yellow

6. Cut semi-circle / wing shapes out of red card and stick onto each side of the painted body for wings

7. Attach assembled head to body with glue or sticky tape

8. Stick a feather or cotton wool on as the tail!



My name is Bec, I am the mum of two beautiful boys. Everyday I enjoy entertaining them and having heaps of fun. I would like to share all the activities we get up to and hopefully help those out there looking for different ideas to entertain their little toddlers. Visit me at my website or on Facebook. To see all of Bec’s articles, click here.

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