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{CRAFT} Butterflies

Butterfly CraftThis butterfly craft a really easy rainy day activity to do with the kids. Your kids will love this butterfly craft that is simple and looks really effective when completed.

These butterflies would work fabulously as a craft activity for a butterfly themed birthday party.  Set each child up with the required equipment and let their creativity take over.  You could then play some fun butterfly games so the kids can play with their fluttery creations.
Inspired and created by Kristin 🙂

You will need:

  • Empty toilet paper roll or similar
  • Card to cover toilet roll
  • Card for wings
  • Buttons & decorations for the wings
  • Pipe cleaner for antennae

How to:

1. Cover toilet paper roll with card

2. Cut out and attach wings

3. Add antennae

4. Add google eyes and decorate wings

Your butterfly craft is complete. Play, have fun and flutter everywhere with your new butterfly friend.


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