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{CRAFT} Milk Bottle Shoes

by Bec from Toddler Craft

We recycle everything at our house for crafts, today we looked at all of our bits and pieces and decided milk bottles were the challenge today. My toddler and I thought that some shoes would be heaps of fun to make and to play with after.

You will need:

Pic 1

  • 2 x 2 litre Milk Bottles (possibly could be done with 1 litre cartons too)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Decorations, any of your choosing (we used colourful crepe paper, felt stickers and pom poms, but would be great to use some fur and eyes and make monster ones too)

How to:

1. Cut out feet holes in your milk bottles

Pic 2

2. Decorate as desired, we covered the whole surface with glue and stuck on crepe paper and other things

Pic 3


3. Allow to dry

4. Put them on and enjoy! My little guy had heaps of fun with these on the floor boards sliding around

Pic 4



My name is Bec, I am the mum of two beautiful boys. Everyday I enjoy entertaining them and having heaps of fun. I would like to share all the activities we get up to and hopefully help those out there looking for different ideas to entertain their little toddlers. Visit me at my website or on Facebook. To see all of Bec’s articles, click here.

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