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Nursery Room Mobile

Setting up a child’s nursery is a very special moment and adding a personal item, homemade by mum adds an extra touch.

I made this mobile for my son’s room. I got some inspiration from browsing Pinterest but made it my own way.  You can colour co-ordinate this DIY mobile to ensure it fits the colour scheme of your baby’s room.

Mobile Craft Ideas For Nursery or Kids Room

You will need:

Crochet hoop (you can pick these up at Spotlight or Lincraft)
Scrapbook paper
Fishing line
Double sided tape

How to make Mobile Craft Ideas For your Nursery

1. Paint the crochet hoop

2. Cut circles from scrapbook paper. You can buy a punch that will do it for you, or trace around something and cut by hand.

3. Tie two strips of fishing line across the width of the hoop so that they make a cross (and join in the middle)

4. Tie strands of fishing line from the cross at varying lengths.

5. Using double sided tape, adhere circles in pairs either side of the hanging lines (so they sandwich and hide the line)

6. Tie some line from the hoop to hang the mobile

Author: Kerry Walker

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