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{CRAFT} Robot Box Costume

Robot Box Costumeby Sharyn Thomson

My boy loved his Robot Costume and used it for ages!

 What You will need to make a Robot Box Costume:

4 boxes (Bunnings is a good place to look) – one for body, smaller one for head, thin long ones for legs
2 toilet rolls
Optional: battery operated “push lights” (Reject Shop $3)

How to:

1. Turn the head box so that the opening is on the bottom. Cut out a hole in the bottom of the box for your child to look out of. Stick the toilet rolls on the top half as eyes.

2. Turn the body box so that the opening is on the bottom. Cut a hole in the top of the box that your child’s head can fit through, and holes in the sides for arms. Stick the head box onto the body box.

3. Paint all of the boxes

4. Attach the light to the front of the body.

5. The leg boxes slide on like leg warmers.


You can also glue foil onto the box to give it a metallic, futuristic look!


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