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Displaying children’s artwork

finger paintingI’m after some creative ways of displaying my kids artworks?

  •  I take advantage of the kitchen cupboards. Mine are white and I have a loop of colored ribbon vertically around them and then use small pegs and clip on the art. At Christmas time I swap to festive colors and put up the Christmas cards.  Dale
  • Scrapbook them?  Jillian
  • Here’s some ideas (some for existing artwork, others for yet to be done artwork) usually little kids pictures are done on big pieces of paper, which aren’t always the easiest to keep and if they’re painted they usually crack after a few years.
    Get a scrapbook album just for their artwork, trim down the artwork (all the spare white paper!) and then in the corner stick a photo of your child at the age they were when they did it, or a photo of them actually drawing it.
    You can also get their artwork transferred onto ceramic wall tiles – I love this idea, I’d tile my whole bathroom & kitchen with them or get them printed into fridge magnets, this way you can preserve dozens!
    Black wall art vinyl, trimmed into photo sized pieces – 6×4″, 5×7″, 6×8″ & 8×10″ arrange them onto a wall, then (using chalk or chalk pens) get your child to draw a picture on one at various intervals in the year/or ages. Once each has been drawn on hot glue s piece if glass into a picture frame & attach the frame to the wall over the artwork.
    Get the largest frame you can and collage your child’s pictures into the frame – do one for each child, or keep each frame a theme, pictures they drew you for Mothers Day or Birthday, etc
    Hope this helps
  • I’ve saw on Pinterest that you take photos of the artwork then have then made into a photo book on Snapfish etc. Is an awesome idea that you can keep forever as it doesn’t take up much room nor get damaged.  Kate
  • Take photos of them & display them as a slideshow on one of those photo things (not sure what they are called) or your computer.  Sally


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