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Dropping a Day Sleep

dropping a day sleepJust wondering how other mums knew their baby was ready to drop a day sleep? I am thinking of going from 3 to 2 sleeps with my 9 month old, but not sure how I will know when/if to try.

  • So ways to tell.. If you were to take them in the car at he time they were to have that sleep and they fell asleep.. Then chances are they may still need it.. If they spend more time fighting it than actually sleeping.. May be time to transition..But here are some things to know..vBabies transition from 3 to 2 sleeps anywhere between 9 and 12 months! So they are at that right age! At 9 mths baby may possibly have a wake window of somewhere between 2 and 3.5 hours but it’s more likely to be around the 3 hour mark!!! So your little one may nap somewhere around 9.30ish and then again around 2ish depending on lengths of sleep? The shortest wake time is always between waking in the morning and first nap.. And the longest is between 2nd nap and going to bed! If they are transitioning I would consider bringing bedtime forward in the evening to compensate as they may possibly get overtired if you stretch them to their normal bedtime! These are all general suggestions but am hoping they are helpful! Lisa
  • Ok so when a nap is dropped it’s usually the last one of the day, so bubs’ 3rd nap. If bub resists that last nap, cries a lot before sleeping, and has progressively shorter and shorter naps (last one) that’s your big sign right there. Continue trying that 3rd nap for 5 days and if he/she resists for 5 days then you need to cut that nap out. Delay the morning nap and space out the second one so bub doesn’t get overtired before bed time (keep it the same). Natalie
  • I transitioned my LO at 9 months as he started fighting he’s 430pm nap. He is 10 mnths now he naps twice a day, one at 9am and the second at 1pm (he sleeps for up to 2hrs) and bed time is 630-7pm. This sleep routine works for him Michelle
  • My 8 month old bub seems to be transitioning himself from 3 -2 naps per day. He’s not all the way there yet though so some days are 3 naps, some days are only 2. Leslie
  • We switched around 7 months when the 3 naps were just getting too short and he was fighting his sleep for longer than a sleep cycle Beth
  • My son really started fighting his naps at 7 months. We cut out 1 nap and lengthened his awake time and he started going down for naps much easier. Occasionally when he’s really tired he’ll add one extra nap back into his day, but that’s rare. Ineka
  • my kids just dropped the sleep on there own, smooth transition, followed their lead, my son dropped to 1 sleep at 10 months, 16 months now and still having 1 sleep that ranges from 2-3 hrs around 1ish can’t even say how I knew lol it just happened Alana
  • I am just transitioning my almost 10 month old! The only thing that’s telling me she doesn’t need that third nap is that quite often now she will fight it and doesn’t often have the nap. I am now holding off her morning nap until 10-1030ish then 230ish for her second nap. It seems to be working quite well this past few days. I’m just keeping her busy and going out places etc during awake time Hayley

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