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Early Menopause

Sad woman in red sarafanI am 36yrs old and have just been told Im going into menopause. I only have one child and dreamt of at least one more. I don’t know how to describe what Im feeling except shocked and overwhelmed. Has anyone else gone through menopause early? Did you go on to conceive anymore children? How did you cope with the emotions that come when being told this? Any advice that could help would be much appreciated.

  •  I went through this at the age of 24/25 I was heartbroken and shocked- it was too late I had no eggs left.It was a very real possibility that I would never have children and i had to deal with that- try think of the positives. But luckily i have beautiful sister who donated eggs to my husband and I and we now have a one year old son. My point is you still have hope, go see a fertility specialist who may be able to run more test, maybe some drugs to help you ovulate etc and keep trying in the mean time. And try and think of the positives. Good luck.   Lauren
  •  Ladies who have been in menopause and peri menopause have still had babies!! Best advice I can give you is start trying now before everything sets into full swing!! Lots of baby dust.   Jessie
  •  What does your partner think? if you both agree just go for it and if it happens it happens if not really enjoy the child you have.   Wendy
  •  With an extremely low AMH score, and 4 failed ivf attempts and every type of fertility treatment, natural and medicinal, with no success, it was confirmed that I was going through menopause at 26. Even with extremely high doses of follicle stimulation drugs, I produced no eggs. I was of course completely heartbroken. Words cannot describe the pain. We decided that donor eggs or adoption was not a path we were willing to take at the time. So after nearly 7 yrs of trying we became at ease at being childless. Well the world works in mysterious ways lol, a year later I was pregnant! Naturally conceived! All 4 fertility specialists were dumfounded! Doesn’t stop there. My baby girl was 5mo when I fell again with my baby boy! Now…i have to use birth control!! Just don’t give up hun…miracles do happen!!   Tamara
  •  I’m so sorry, I have No advice either. But I think if it were me I’d be trying asap. You just never know! And find out from your doc about freezing eggs etc…Nic
  •  Can you freeze your eggs? And I’d say. Just go for it now!   Angela
  •  My grandmother’s brother is 21 years younger than her and was a menopause baby.  Tiffany
  •  Make sure that u get a second opinion on the first doc diagnosis… :0)   Amy
  •  Just wondering how they came to this conclusion? I found out at 35 I had extremely low progesterone when trying for my last bub, I still got my period every month but the doctor told me I would go thru early menopause because of it, after many months of injections to fall pregnant, my body clicked and I fell pregnant naturally but had to have further injections to stay pregnant until I it 16 weeks. My son is now almost 14 months, I’m 38 and since stopping breastfeeding nearly 6 months ago my periods have been every month. I’m not sure when I can expect things to change but ask for the following, mid cycle ultrasound to check you ovaries and a progesterone test as well, if it’s low you can get an injection of HCG to release the egg with timed sex then if you succeed in falling pregnant you’ll need a blood test to see your progesterone levels are the right level, you can have injections and or pessaries to keep it right until the danger is over, my ovaries weren’t producing progesterone to release eggs and if they did they didn’t produce it long enough to stay pregnant past 7 weeks, lost 2 early because of this. I wish you every luck but it’s not impossible to fall pregnant, just harder as you get older, you’ll get you second bub.   Christine
  •  I am 31 and had my dd 18 months ago (conceived naturally) by c section. During the surgery they noticed one of my ovaries is completely empty and the other 1/3 of the size it should be… After tests they diagnosed me with Turner Syndrome! It’s basically a genetic condition where a female is infertile. Chances of conceiving are 5% and due to egg quality also 75% chance of miscarriage. I conceived within 3 months of getting married so was a huge shock to learn. I remember getting home and just hugging my daughter and never wanting to let go because I simply shouldn’t have her! It’s a big deal but I would seek advice if you both want more kids even if you just have eggs extracted to buy yourself some time? There are options. Best of luck to you!   Tash
  •  I would look into Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. If you are in Melbourne check out The Pagoda Tree in Albert Park. They specialize in fertility and women’s health. www.thepagodatree.com.au I highly recommend them.   Andriana
  •  I started menopause at the age of 32. Apart from hot flushes and night sweats when I had my period I was ok. I did have my kids though. I was ok with it emotionally and never really got “ratty” but I did realise that at times i was being horrible. at the age of 41 i had a hysterectomy due to fibroids. There is a lot of help out there and your doctor should help you with any questions if not change your doctor until you get whatever questions answered. i wish you all the best. Apparently you can fall pregnant extremely easy whilst in early stages of menopause.   Gerry
  •  I’m 41 and just had my second baby, and the doctor asked what kind of contraception am I using? I was shocked and said does it matter? She replied you can still get pregnant when you’re going through menopause! So I say go for it now and don’t stress about it, it will be fine. Good luck.  Kelly
  •  My friend had acupuncture and went on to have another child – don’t give up just yet!   Tanya
  •  Get some more tests done… FSH and AMH and see exactly how long you have.   Amanda
  •  Hi, I am 31 and getting tested for early menopause as I am suffering all the symptoms. My advice is keep your chin up. Lots of menopausing women have gone on to have another baby.   Erin
  •  You are still able to do ivf while going through it. Good luck with it all!   Jennie
  •  Just go for it and start trying now. Good luck   Anne-Maree
  •  Get some ovulation kits to make sure you are still ovulating, and go from there. Best of luck.  Thalia
  •  Try and conceive naturally or freeze your eggs for later down the track for ivf or surrogacy.   Cassie
  •  My mum went through menopause at 36? I think it was… but she was done having kids. She still had her period for a while after the Dr said she was going through it. I would recommend that if you want another, I’d start trying immediately and possibly talk to your Dr, they might need to give you clomid or something.   Kara
  •  If you are taking the oral contraceptive, go off it now. Your hormone test is probably askew. If you really want to try to get pregnant then ditch the contraceptives and let nature take its course. I was supposedly peri-menopausal and a few months later (after more blood tests) my hormones jumped sky high meaning I was extremely fertile. Don’t be devastated….fate will determine the outcome.   Sharon
  •  A 40 yr old lady from school was told she was on the end of menopause. And she fell pregnant. Dr said when she was tested for menopause her levels must have been up or down ( I can’t remember what one she said ) as they go up and down thru menopause.    Kelly
  •  You should still be able to conceive naturally, however I would freeze enough eggs for a few more kids if you want more than the one. It sounds like a sad situation for you. I hope all works out xoxo   Amelia
  •  My aunty was told she was going through early menopause but she was actually pregnant. She kept telling the doctor she thought she was pregnant but things didn’t add up so the doctor said the positive pregnancy tests were because of early menopause. Always get a second opinion.   Ebony

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