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Easy Under the Sea Crafts: Aquarium Sushi Project

under the sea craftsHow to recycle a sushi container into an ‘under the sea’ craft sushi aquarium! 

Do you kids love sushi? If your kids are anything like ours, not only do they love sushi, but they also love the containers and the soy sauce ‘fish’… we have quite the collection at home. So instead of adding them to our recycling bin, we’ve ‘repurposed’ them and created some under the sea craft in the form of our very own ‘Under the Sea’ sushi aquarium.

Here’s what you will need:

  • InstructionsEmpty sushi container
  • 3 or 4 soy sauce ‘fish’
  • A selection of under the sea stickers
  • Food colouring – we used red, blue, green and yellow
  • Water
  • Pebbles from the garden for stability


Step 1 – Add stickers

Get the kids to choose their favourite ‘under the sea’ stickers and add them to the sides of the sushi container, inside and outside.

Step 2 – Add pebbles or stones

Choose 4 or 5 pebbles or stones from the garden. These add stability and will give your ‘fish’ something to lean on later.

Step 3 – Colour your fish

Use the food colouring to create different coloured fish for your under the sea aquarium. Pinch the fish and pop its nose into the food colouring bottle. You only need a tiny bit inside the fish to make it a bright colour! We didn’t use blue as we thought this might not be seen in the blue water.

Step 4 – Fill up your fish with water

Under a slowly running tap, squeeze your fish and release until it fills up with water. Add the lid back on to the fish to keep the water inside. Place the fish in the aquarium.

Step 5 – Add blue food colouring to aquariums

Add one of two drops of blue food colouring to the aquarium to colour the water.

Step 6 – add the water

Use a small jug to add the water slowly to the sushi aquarium. If you have added too much food colouring (like we did) you can tip a bit out and top it up with water again.

Step 7 – Decorate using letters

Use letters to label your aquarium – helping with letter recognition for younger children and spelling in older children.

Step 8 – Pinch the lid along the fold

By pinching the lid along the fold you help give the lid the ability to stay up or open.

A simple and fun craft activity for kids of all ages!

This contribution comes from Alex, the youngest contributor at www.familiesmagazine.com.au. Alex (and his mum, editor Janine Mergler) love to dream up original creative play ideas.

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