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Educational resources to try at home

The school year has well and truly started and homework is back on the menu. We thought we would share some of the fabulous educational resources we have discovered that have helped our kids to jump a reading level or tackle a tricky maths concept. You can even use some of these resources on pre-schoolers to help get them ready for school.

Educational resources for kids

English and literacy

Reading and writing is high on the agenda but sometimes getting the kids excited about doing it at home is an up hill battle. Try some of these ideas to help the kids get motivated with literacy.

  • Play word games
  • Read signs when you’re out and about
  • Take them to the local library
  • Cook and get them to read recipes
  • Encourage them to keep a diary

One of the early games we adopted was to purchase a whiteboard and markers and play spelling and word games on the white board. Changing the medium from paper and pencil to a whiteboard and texta worked like magic. We would spell words on the white board and let the kids sound them out and when they read the word, they then had a go at writing it and drawing a picture of it.

Here are some great online resources to try at home.

Soundwaves video

Alphablocks video

spellingcity.com.au – This costs $34.95 per year for up to 5 students.




The key with maths is counting, counting and more counting. Once they know how to count forwards, they also need to learn to count backwards. Then counting in twos, counting in 5’s and counting in 10’s. There are lots of ways to help with mathematics when it becomes frustrating for the kids.

  • Count objects and make groups and patterns
  • Get a numbers chart for a visual aid
  • Make up counting songs that they will remember
  • Play counting games like hide and seek and hopscotch
  • Practice writing numbers down

Here are some of our favourite online resources to help with Maths.


Math Bingo – free on the App store

The big numbers song video


One thing is for sure – the more time you can spend with your kids helping them with reading, writing, counting, and more – the more you will see them improve in leaps and bounds. By making these activities fun, you will see the kids passion for learning blossom.

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