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Ideas for Back to School Organisation? Here’s the 21 Best of the Best Hacks!

I hear your contented sigh – school is resuming! Yes! You’re more than ready for your little cherubs to return to the care of their teachers. But are you ready for the onslaught of notes, school bags, sneakers and library books? Well, you are now, as here are 21 of the best inspiration and ideas for back to school organisation.

Back to School Organisation

We know some of you are crazy Pinterest addicts who love extreme organisation and well, some of you are flying by the seat of your not-ironed-pants. So, sure there’s some fancy examples below but there’s also some nice ‘n easy ideas for those who might be renting, on a tight budget or just can’t be stuffed to find matching pencil tins! Which ever mum you are, we’ve something that will make your school year easier. Read on…!

Back to School Organisation: Homework Organisation

If you’ve children in primary school there’s nothing worse than finally cajoling them into learning their spelling words and there’s not a sharpened pencil in sight. Here’s some awesome ideas for homework and stationary organisation to end the drama when that project is due!

Credits from top: Howards Storage, Mum4Real, 11 Magnolia Lane,New England Home via Pinterest.

Back to School Organisation: School Uniform Organisation

Managing all the washing and ironing that comes with school uniforms can be hectic – especially if you’re a mumma of many. Here’s some ideas to keep chaos at bay and make sure nobody need go to school in their jamies…

Chic Mummy suggests organising the uniform where your children can easily see it and then dress themselves each day, like this…

Be a Fun Mum covers off two of the nightmare school uniform areas – hair ties and socks with her simple systems… why pair socks when you can just sort them by type? Genius!

Back to school organisation: Family Stations & School Bags

If you don’t have a wall to mount on or a large hallway space to dedicate a whole station to, this is a great solution from The Organised Housewife.

A clever hack using Ikea makes everything easy to be seen and in reach for little hands via Rudy & The Dodo.

Communication station goals to make any mum swoon? Yep, find it at The Builders Wife.

This awesome ideas round up is from Momtastic.

Martha Stewart knows organisation! This example proves you don’t need to buy a whole lot of new flat pack furniture to be on top of back to school.

A morning checklist takes the pressure of mum and kids! This idea from The Crafting Chicks makes it easy for everyone to know what’s excepted – and maybe even minimise the nagging!

Back to School Organisation: Key Points for Your System

Whatever back to school system you choose here’s the most important things to know –

  • Make sure your system is kid-friendly! If your child doesn’t understand the system its not going to work.
  • Use visual aids and a simple calendar to keep each day of the week clear.
  • A clear space for everything means easy packing away every day.
  • If your child can reach it easily they can do it themselves.
  • You need a place for bags, a place for notes & a place for shoes at minimum.
  • Always check school bags for stray apples – never trust a child when your nose says there’s something off, it is!

Here’s to a happy and organised school year! A little effort now will mean much less stress later on. Good luck mumma!

PS: If you’ve got an awesome back-to-school organisation idea, we’d love to see it. And if you’re the original creator of any of the projects above that we haven’t credited (as they were on Pinterest) please drop us a line and we’ll add your name to them.

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