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Encouraging baby to sleep while out and about

Encouraging baby to sleep while out and aboutHow do u get your bub to sleep while we are out? He’s needs wrapping & put in a dark room.(8mo)

  • Put in pram (shade cover over, squash blanket as best you can. Car is also sure fire here. Keely
  • I got my kids used to sleeping with noise from day 1. Also occasionally letting them sleep in the pram so they get used to it then they would sleep anywhere! Even now my kids are 3 & 5 and they can sleep anywhere & through anything. I can even vacuum in their room without waking them or move/carry them, even change nappies without waking them! Tamara
  • I breastfeed bub to sleep and then pop them in a covered pram or babywear and let them nap that way. Or you can try to time car journeys around nap time so they can sleep that way. Christie
  • I live close to town so try and walk to where I need to go. That way bubs is asleep when I get there. If its at night time, I put a blanket over bubs’ pram to make it dark and rock it back and forth! Bree
  • I never got my baby used to ‘dark room/silence/wrapping’ etc because we are always on the go and often out. My bubs will sleep in the car even if its only 5 min drive he’ll nap – then I can move him to bed, ergo or pram and he won’t wake. Also rocking back and forth in pram works a treat but only if I put a blanket over the pram so he doesn’t have much to look at. Way too curious! Buy an ergo- it will save your sanity when you want to shop (in peace). I can’t even get from the car to the shop doors and he’ll be asleep. Maybe it’s time to slowly ease out of wrapping and make day naps in a lighter room at home. We have roller shutters- night time they stay down but for day naps they are half up so there’s some light. It helps him know when it’s bed time and nap time. He also just plays when he wakes up as he can see. I often don’t know when he’s awake until I hear giggling. Does he have. Sleep ‘cue’ like a teddy or blankey? We found that helped too. He’ll sleep anywhere now. Kirsty
  • I lay her down in the pram, and continue the shopping. I put a blanket on her, and she can scream if she wants but it is nap time. Hannah
  • Have been doing that since we left the hospital. She is now 13 months, and will still nap while we are out, the best thing is to teach baby to sleep anywhere and from a young age I would vacuum all hours, while she napped now she’d sleep through anything. Hannah
  • Keep your routine as similar as you can to whta you do at home. If bub is wrapped at home then you can wrap her and put her in the pram or whatever. If bub has music to go to sleep with then have thier music. I used to use a seahorse and my son would go to sleep nearly anywhere! Caley
  • you just keep doing what you need to do, I can vacuum in my kids and bub’s room when they are sleeping and have the music blaring and they sleep through it. When I’m out they sleep in the pram or scream until they sleep. Let people stare, you arent hurting your child by letting them cry. Or else bub goes in the hugabub and within minutes. Cherie
  • Buy a snooze shade which will block out 90% of light and then wrap anywhere but car. Lauren

What do you do to help your baby sleep when you are out and about?

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