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One Year Old Routine

One Year Old routineTell us about your One year old’s routine. 

Roughly what time are they awake, asleep. How often do they feed (if bottles – how much)?

What do you do with them when they are awake?

  • 1yo boy, wakes between 5-6am and has a 200ml cows milk bottle. Play time until breakfast at 8am. Nap between 9-10am for about 1.5 hrs. Lunch at 11:30-12. Nap again around 1:30 for about 1.5 hrs. 180ml cows milk bottle at 3pm. Play until dinner at about 5:30-6pm. Dinner, bath, daddy time. Final 180ml cows milk bottle around 7pm. In bed for the night by 8pm. Taneile
  • 15 month old- wakes 7-7:30am, has a morning bottle (125ml), we then have breakfast around 8, play till 11 then it’s another bottle if he wants and sleep till 1pm. Then more play, reading, etc; dinner at 6:30, bath at 7 and bed with bottle (125ml) with book at 7:30pm. This routine has worked a treat for us Claire
  • My little poppet is up about 8/8:30am has breaky and water plays with her brother has a sandwich at 11am goes down for her nap @11:30 sleeps anywhere between 1_3 hrs gets up has her sippy cup of milk and a snack plays again has her dinner 5/5:30pm with sippy cup of milk (she wont take a bottle after we finish bf) bath n pj at 6pm watches giggle n hoot and plays bed at 7pm Cherie
  • 20month old wakes at 5 has warm milk sippy cup back to sleep till 7:30/8am breakfast weetbix and cup of juice watches her abc shows or pre recorded pepper pig episodes, plays with blocks or draws pictures with her crayons lunch at 11:30/12 vegemite sandwhich and fruit with water to drink plays in her toybox till 1:30 then naps till 3:30/4pm, outside play till 5 dinner 6/6:30 bath at 7 quiet time watching telly then bed at 8:30. Shani
  • 16 month old – Wakes between 5 & 6.30. We do cuddles and half a sippy cup of milk, breakfast, play, morning tea. Bed approx 10, sleeps an hour and a half. Lunch, play. bed about 2.30pm. aleeps an hour and a half, afternoon tea, play. dinner about 5, bath 5.30, bed between 6 & 6.30. This can change as somedays she will only have a lunch time sleep. Jenna
  • My boy is 14months. He’s up anywhere between 6-7, has a sleep around 11-1 then again about 4-5 bed about 8. He’s allergic to sleep at night and feeds 5-6milion times overnight We do m-swimming/toddler gym t-crèche w-playgroup t-daycare f-music/rhyme time s-crèche/swim. Try to get outdoors every arvo. Sundays we have a family day (we both work/study 4days a week, so sun the only day off as a family) and go out 99%of the time, if its bad weather we get some movies out and have a couch day We have porridge every morning, fruit for morning tea, lunch varies, afternoon tea is usually a bit of toast or cereal, dinner is anything from rice and chili to veggie stir fry and noodles to roast and veg. Dessert is fruit and yogurt. Trish
  • My little boy wakes at around 7 in the morning we get up and he has his breaky and a play with all the utensils in the draws! then shower or bath the will go down with a bottle at around 11. That sleep only last 40mins!!! Then we are up and having lunch a play and dance with his musical toys and by 2 he’s really for a snooze and bottle. Poor thing has to get woken cause the other kids need to be picked up from school! He’ll play happily for a few hour with his brothers then at 6 we have dinner followed by some more play with me and his grandparents then bottle and bed at 8.30. He sleep right thru yay! Kathleen
  • my 1 year old gets up about 5-6am has a 180 cows miljk then breakfast then after that we have a play till 9 then he has a sleep for 2 hours till 11am then has lunch and another bottle then at about 1 he has a sleep till 4 then has bath and play time with dad and tea then about 7 he is ready for bed again with a bottle Joeline
  • My one year old wakes for the day at 7am, bottle (260mls), 9:30am morning tea, 10am nap until 12ish, lunch when he wakes at 12, afternoon bottle at 2pm (260mls), nap at 2:30pm until around 3pm dinner at 5:30,bath then bed at 6:30pm for the night. During the day he loves to explore the house, or play with his toys or we read books etc. Kayla
  • Awake 7.30 breakfast & milk (in tippe cup) follower by some play nap around 9.30-11.30. Lunch & milk (in tippe cup). Play nap at 2-4. Milk, snack & play. Dinner & milk (in tippe cup) 5.30-6. Bath 6.30 play & bed 7.30 Kara
  • 12 month old wakes between 6-7am bottle of formula, playing until breaky at 8am more playing until nap time around 9.30-11am more playing or errands with me down the street, lunch and a sippy cup of cows milk, playing until nap around 1pm-2.30pm.. bottle of formula upon waking up.. then we play, go for walks, or he plays in his bedroom whilst I fold the washing in his room.. Dinner at 5, sippy cup of cows milk, bath at 6, bottle formula 6.20 bedtime between 6.30-7pm Jenna
  • 16 month old daughter gets up at 7am has a warm milo in her hoot mug and weetbix then plays or watches hi 5, has a snack around 10am usually fruit cheese and crackers, has a nap at 11am gets up around 1pm and has lunch then plays more until she has a snack around 3pm. Dinner at 5.30pm and then a bath or shower at 6pm. Warm cup of milk after her bath and in bed by 7pm. She has water all throughout the day and sleeps from 7 to 7 Sarah
  • Gets up at 7 – 7.30 ish. Breakfast straight away while getting big ones ready for school. Come home helps with washing and tidying then play outside till 11 ish for snack and bottle cows milk then 2- 3 hour nap. Lunch when wake up and play till pick up others then home for snacks and bottle cows milk to tide her over till tea cos dad doesn’t get home till 6.30 then tea and bed routine and then bottle and story and bed at 7-30 ish. Lauren
  • 3hr day sleep at 12pm, Bed at 7:30pm-6:30am, 3meals a day, Grazes all day, Breast milk before brekky, Breasmilk after eating lunch, Breaatmilk before bed, I spend my time teaching her new things through play, I teach her right from wrong in the process of play, She loves giving me evil poses for the camera then laughs about it, She’s like a 3month old sized adult, very amusing Apreinia
  • My ds 18mths still has 3-4 bf wakes at 6.50am (daddys alarm goes off and his eyes are like saucers) one day sleep at 10-10.30 for 1.5 to 3 hours play in sandpit, under hose, go to park. Dinner at 5 bed at 7 and has been waking at night again for 3+ hours Jennie
  • 16 month old- wakes between 6:30 and 7, bottle, breakfast at 8 (scrambled eggs or weet bix), play until 10:30, morning tea (banana and some berries, strawberry or blueberry), play, sleep at 12, up at 2, lunch (veggies and meat or occasionally a sandwich), play, afternoon tea at 4 (mandarin or yoghurt pouch), play, nap at 5, up at 5:30, bath, play, dinner at 6:30, bottle at 7, quiet reading and cuddles, bed at 7:30 Katiee
  • Should have dropped the milk bottles at 12 months (as i did with my daughter) but I continued to give my son a bed time bottle up till 18months. (I reduced it from 200ml slowly down to 40ml then replaced with water). now Milk in a cup and yoghurts during the day is the substitute. My boy is now 21months, sleeps 7pm-630am and seems to eat all day, breakfast, play, fruit for morning tea, play, lunch, he naps around 1-3pm. Afternoon snack, play, then dinner, bath and quiet time. Nicole
  • My 14 mo wakes between 6.30-7.30am, B/feed when wakes, Breakfast 1hr later, Sleep 9.30-11/11.30, Lunch 12/12.30, Afternoon sleep 2pm-3pm, Dinner 5pm, B/feed and bed 6.30pm Nicky
  • Wakes 615 has bottle back to bed till 8 get up dressed have toast 1030 yoghurt and fruit 12 pm bottle + naptime normally till230-3pm wake arvo tea dinner at 6pm bath 630 bottle and bed around 730 Brooke
  • 11 months wakes at 8 has a bottle 180ml breakfast at 9am plays goes back down at 11 wakes at 1pm bottle then lunch plays goes back down for a sleep at 4 wakes at 5.30 then has a bottle and plays till about 6.30 7 then has dinner then bath bottle bed at 8 then sleeps 12 hours straight Hailey
  • Almost 14 month old wakes at 5:30am. Breakky of toast/cereal at 6 with cup of milk. Sleep at 9/9.30 for 1 hr. Smoko, play, lunch, down for nap at 1.30/2ish for 1-1.5 hrs. Smoko, play/swim. Dinner at 5.30 with cup of milk then bath and storytime. Bed at 6.30 and sleeps thru til 5.30am. Jealous of all these bubs sleeping til 7 or 8! We cut bottles out at 11 months and jus have a cup of cows millk at breakky and tea. Bub walked at 8 months so has a big appetite due to being on the go all day. Brittany
  • Great day to ask that question. Well this morning anyway!! He woke at 5, dummy back in then woke at 6 and had 180ml full milk bottle. Played and had breaky around 6:30-7. 1 slice jam toast and a banana. Back to sleep at 8:30 for about 10 mins.. Got up again and played til 9:30. Slept til 10. We got ready and were at the drs for our 11 appointment…. Finally got in at 11:40. With crazy baby, got him sorted and I just cancelled my part of the appointment. Geez! I really should have taken the pram in, but there isn’t much room inside the waiting room. Crazy crazy baby. Stressed out mumma. Then had to do the groceries and he is now finally asleep in his cot. Yay Normal day – wakes about 5:30- 180mls full milk bottle. Breaky around 6:30- toast & banana. Play then sleep about 9- Morning tea about 10 – yoghurt, lunch at 11:30. Sleep about 12-1 or if I’m lucky 2!! Play and 180ml full milk bottle about 2. Play play play dinner about 5:30- bath 6:30 and bottle 180ml then in bed by 7!! Antje
  • My 13mo wakes around 6.30, has water then we walk the dog, then home for breakfast at 7 porridge, weetbix, toast etc. He then has a shower, then plays with his toys, books and drums, he’s walking so plays wherever he likes. 8am 180ml bottle of cows milk, 9-10.30 plays with children at crèche whilst mummy goes to gym. During this time snacks on fruit, biscuits, cheese etc. 11am 180ml of milk and he will then nap for 2.5-4 hours. As soon as he wakes he has lunch and lots of water, we play outside, with toys or go swimming, walk to the park, it changes most days. Dinner at 5.30, bath and bottle and bed at around 6.30. Works amazing for us and I’m not one to worry about what people say i should do as long as my boy is happy and healthy, which he is then I know he is doing well. Xx Bec
  • My 16 month old wakes about 7.30 has brekki was his older siblings. Morning tea around 10ish, then has a bottle (full cream milk 200ml) to go to sleep at 11.30, sleeps til 2ish. Has lunch when wakes, afternoon tea 3.30, dinner with the family 6pm. “In the night garden” at 6.30 then bath/shower. Bottle (full cream milk 200ml) to go to bed at 7.30. We do all sorts of things from staying at home, play dates, parks, shops etc. Renee
  • My little princess wakes at 7, plays till 8, them breaky, shower/bath plays till 10-1030 and have a bottle (260 ml) cows milk. And naps for 2-2.5 hours. Wakes up, had lunch, more play, reading, watching telly. Sometimes has second bottle and nap for about 1.5-2 hours. Not always. If no nap, has arvo tea. Dinner at 530-6. And is on bed with bottle by 630. And asleep by 7 Sarah
  • My 20m old wakes at 6. As soon as she wakes she has breakfast & sippy cup of formula. We get ready for our day then walk big brother to school. Then she has morning tea at 9 and a play at the park/ library. She has lunch at 12. Goes down for her nap at 12.30-2.30. We go and pick big brother up from school. On Wednesday’s her and her bother have swimming lessons on other days of the week we take her brother to his activities or go for a play at the park. Dinner at 6. Bath at 6.30. Then she has a sippy cup of formula before bed while I’m doing homework with her brother and put him to bed. Then she goes to bed at 7.30 Kassie
  • Yes ladies as you can all imagine I just have the health nurse the answers she wanted to hear. I’ve got 2 girl and my two year has bottles a day 1 with her breakfast and one at bed time and sometimes one for her afternoon nap. My 1 year old has 2-3 a day and 1 over night. She’s still a baby to me and to take her bottles off her ‘cold turkey’ which is what the MCHN recommended is mean! I’m just glad im not the only one, I was going to write in to here after Id been on Wednesday to find out what other mums were doing with the kids at the same 1-2 years old. Cassandra
  • 16 month old gets up at 7.30, has breakfast normally 3 courses, then puzzle time at the table. Then has shower and gets dressed. Plays in room until 10am has snack time and milk in sippy cup, lunch is at 11.30 nap at 12-2ish. Then snack time with milk again. Late afternoon snack is around 4, dinner at 5.30 bed at 6.30. We do drawing, playdoh, puzzles, painting, outside play, ball play, blocks, matching games, story time and independent reading/ looking pictures, singing and devotions and walks. Karla
  • 14mth old girl… Wakes up 5.30am, has a sippy cup of milk. Non day care days we play together until brekkie otherwise she’s at day care at 6.30am. Brekkie at 7am, we either play outside or she tries to help with housework. Morning tea at 8.30am/9am, then down for a nap until 10.30am/11am. We then play with playdough, paint, draw pictures, water play, read books, run around outside until lunch at 12pm, then play again until 1pm, then sippy cup of milk and down for another nap until around 3.30pm/4pm. Then we go for a walk with daddy & the dog or water the vegies or fold clothes, dinner at 5pm, bath at 5.30pm, quiet time with books & Giggle & Hoot at 6pm, sippy cup of milk at 6.20pm and in bed at 6.30pm Kirsty
  • 1yr girl, wakes up between 8-9 has yogurt and a sipper cup of cows milk plays until 12pm-1pm has some lunch if shes hungry sleeps for about two hours then another sipper cup of milk then play until 6pm tea, bath, cuddles and some play until 8.30 then bed and sleeps all night Cyndi
  • My 1yo sleeps 9.30-11 then 1.30/2-3.30/4. Then bed 7-7. 120mls cows milk at 7, 11 and 5, 3 main meals and a snack at 4. He can’t bare to be 1m away from me so follows what I do. Loves cars and books and pushing things around the house, on the verge of walking. Loves balls and singing and dancing too! Loves the sand, swing and trampoline! Starting to do drawing! Erin
  • 12 month old up between 6-6.30am breakfast at 7am. We play, read, go to the park (also have a 3 yo) with morning tea about 9.30am. Lunch at 11.30 then he has a 180ml bottle then sleeps from about 12-2. Afternoon snack and play til dinner at 5pm. Bath at 6, 240ml bottle, stories then bed at 7. Rochelle
  • My 13 month old son wakes at 6:30am. Play then breakfast at 7:45 bottle at 8:30 and back in bed for morning sleep until 10-10:30. Play until 12 then bottle at 1pm and back in bed for afternoon sleep by 1:30 and sleep until 3. Play until 5:45 then have dinner then bath. Bottle at 6:30 and in bed between 7-7:30. And still has one bottle through the night. Glad to hear others still having a few bottles to. Ree
  • My little boy wakes about 6:45 has 220ml bottle plays for about an hr has toast then plays again then oats and yoghurt then sleep about 10-10:30 for about 1-2 hrs play has lunch sandwich and fruit then maybe a walk to pick up his sister then a snack play dinner around 5-5:30 bath play 220ml bottle and bed at 7 Carolyn
  • My DD wakes around 6, has a 210 ml bottle (so far she isn’t liking cows milk) plays until about 10 30-11 30 then has 2 weetbix w/ formula, plays until about 2 30 – 3 30 then has an hour or so nap, has a sandwich or fruit, play time until 5 30-6 30, bath time, 210 ml bottle, settle down time then bed between 8-9. Rebecca
  • Gets up around a 4.30 /5.00 goes for a nap around 9.30/10 for a couple of hours. Has a bottle in his breakfast cereal as he won’t take to normal milk, has a sandwich for lunch has fruit as snacks and a biscuit has a bottle with his dinner around 5pm then off to bed around 7pm and wakes up normally for 1bottle during the night sometimes 2. When he is sleeping I do things around the house and have a cuppa and when he is a wake we play blocks that’s his favourite or just runs around and in the arvo we either go to a park or go for a walk. Anita
  • 15months old wakes around 6.30-7. Breakfast before 8, first sleep at 9.30-10 for 1.5 hours, lunch play etc, arvo nap at 2 -3 for 45mins – 1.5 hours. Bed time depends on arvo nap but usually by 7.30. Bf before sleeps and through the night. Nicole
  • My little gem wakes 8-830 and has about 150-170mls cows milk in a bottle. Up and play time before weetbix about 10. Bed time for morning nap at 1030 for 1-2 hours. Up for a sandwich, water and fruit. Afternoon nap about 3-4pm for 1 hour and dinner, bath and bed at 8pm!! Oh she has a bottle at arvo at nap time and one before bed. Ally

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    Seriously everyone seems so perfect at their parenting routines cmon i cant be the only one whos kids arent so perfect at routines.