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essential baby itemsWhat’s some of the essential baby room items – big and small – that you now LOVE in your child’s nursery? What themes have you done for a boy? girl? unknown?

  • A grobag egg thermometer is great. We painted a jungle theme in our boys room. Cara
  • We did mickey mouse theme for my son  so cute! Megan
  • I have snug as a bug theme by Kidsline as its unisex Stacey
  • Fess (I think) nose sucker!! Is the best, unclogs their nose straight away and helps them breathe when teething or have cold. Julia
  • We have done a Lady Bug theme for our little girls room. I love my nappy bin. Keeps the stink away .Oh an the video monitor so I can see what she’s doing  Amy
  • Jungle theme for my boy. Emily
  • We did jungle theme for our little boy and this bub we did Winnie the pooh as we didn’t find out the sex  Amilee
  • Jungle theme for my boy but kinda a bit of everything now  spare dummy is essential and I would die without his changeable  Corrina
  • A heater! Especially with these cold nights where im living! My little girls room is hello kitty. Whole room top to floor is basically all pink… Went just a tiny bit overboard  Daina
  • Best items for us have been the angelcare sound movement and video monitor and our glider chair! Katie
  • Mines a winnie the pooh theme, but my partner doesnt like Pooh bear  So its more like “every other character except Winnie the Pooh” for our little girl ♥ Michelle
  • Braun Thermoscan thermometer… we were given ours (GREAT baby shower gift)… and its so far been going 6 years and still going strong. One or two battery sets changed in that time, been used on twins (and grown ups lol) and its just fantastic.  tilly
  • I love having a washing ‘basket’ in our daughters room…very handy. A small rubbish bin, bedside lamp and cd player have also been very useful. As we didn’t know what we were having and like the use of colour rather than ‘fads’ we painted our room light green, cream and white trims, then bought curtains to suit the sex…they are fushcia! Simone
  • Feeding chair, nappy stacker, change table, nappy sacks. Themes or a girl- butterflys, owls just anything lightly coloured And pink and purples. Kara
  • Love my rocking chair for night feeds & my Avent video monitor so i can see what my dd is up too. Amy
  • Mint green walls went with a colourful cute theme for my boy white cot and tall boy lots of teddies and colours :), lino under the change table has saved our carpet so many times! Jessica
  • Cupboards with dark cot change table and rocking chair. Niketta
  • I love my nappy bin! I have a fun circus theme for my little boy. Mel
  • My eldest daughter has a butterfly theme, but am going to update it soon to all things pink & green. My youngest daughter has a bird theme. I also love the grobag egg thermometer and plenty of storage! (either baskets, shelving units, built in robes)! Stacey
  • I have a glowing night light so in the middle of the night i just turn that on. Monica
  • Video monitor…couldn’t recommend one more (great way to check on baby without going in). Katie
  • I love my rockingchair in my dd’s room. I wasn’t going to bother but it’s come in great use when i was breastfeeding and now when she’s unsettled late at night. When i was nesting while pregnant i bought 3 matching gift boxes. Each a bit smaller than the other. In the large i put her little beanies , hats and headbands. In the medium box i put her socks and in the smaller one i put her mittens. They sit on her shelf above her change table and are so handy. Lauren
  • Feeding chair & video monitor!!! My dd doesn’t have an actual theme but she has wall decals, very cute personalized one! And a purple feature wall!  Meg
  • Chair –  one that rocks one that doesn’t rock. Lots of box/ baskets, night light washing basket. Kirsty
  • We did neutral pale blue wall feature wall with a white tree wall sticker and all white furniture and when our girl arrived we added girly bird stickers around and girly linen. Phillips sensor night light in a lady bug it turns on and gently lights up the room it also doubles as a hand held for when she is bigger and needs to make a toilet trip. Jena
  • We have just a pink theme.. With a few different things, owls, butterflies. I didn’t want a childish room that we would have to change later on. I hate cartoon character clothing, bedding things like that. I love our change table makes things so much easier, our laundry basket, nappy bin, cd player, I sing to my daughter everyday. Princess
  • My partner and I love fishing and I love the ocean so we have a under the sea/ocean theme for our little boy with all white future but nice blues, greens and a little bit of red to decorate and some cute little sea animals  I love the homemade curtains with matching cushion cover for the feeding chair and the cute sailboat we have for the shelf next to his blue starry nightlight. my favourite thing though is the little storage shelves (the ones where you use those baskets for the drawers), works perfectly next to the change table for nappies! Then when he gets older we can take the baskets out, tip the shelf on its side and use it as a toy box  Sky
  • I use flyscreen in the door to keep my cat out. I have a cot, change table, feeding chair, set of drawers, single bed clothes basket, lamp, and a musical lullaby toy attachment for the cot. When i found out i had a girl i used some very glittery decals in butterflies and dragonflies and will be painting the bellycast i had done while i was pregnant to hang on her wall in her room. Mitty
  • In my sons room we have half and half on one wall we did trucks and cars, in the other jungle animals. My daughter has Disney princess bed and linen and all up her wall is tinker bell and friends she LOVES it! Essentials- I’d say the kids glow worm music toy, both my kiddies love it and on their unsettled nights the little ones turn it on and they’re out like a light. Zoe
  • Also forgot to mention. We bought floating shelves and on one of them my dh attached a small towel rail underneath it to hang her dresses and coats. It holds 15kg. Looks so awesome and saves room. Also a cot cat net in pink for her cot. Michaela
  • The rocking chair was awesome when my son was a baby, made feeding so much more comfy and relaxed and also stopped me falling asleep with him in my bed. Also the fisher price aquarium lullaby toy for the side of the cot was very helpful to get him to sleep. His theme is jungle animals, on his 2 bedroom built in cupboard doors we put big tall giraffe wall stickers with leaves falling all around them, and 6 canvas’s around the room each a different animal (hippo, elephant, tiger etc) off ebay. And a orang-utan toy hanging from his curtain rod, and when in a cot a jungle baby mobile. Brooke
  • I love my shaggy pink rug. It’s nice and comfortable for her floor and tummy time and while I’m finding her outfits to wear. It’s a lot more comfortable than the carpet! I also have a nice bookshelf to display all my nice keepsake gifts we received at our baby shower and when she was born. A musical mobile is great to she watches it as she drifts off the sleep  Jamie-Lee
  • How about the Mini Co-Sleeper. Your baby sleeps in their own co-sleeping bassinet, while you are still within arms reach!  Sasha
  • We didn’t do a theme but had olive green and china beige walls and put up tree wall stickers with black trunks and white leafs (they aren’t babyie’). My fav items are our big arm chair, change table, nappy bin and laundry basket. All of them make life just that but easier! Elyse
  • My girl has choc brown and pink elephants theme… Thing i couldn’t live without is a thermos I had no idea how Handy that would be  And dont beat around the bush with prams get a strider!! Got mine today, after my love n care, and it’s like the iPhone of prams lol. Kristin
  • Get some of the terry towelling nappies to lay over the change table cover. They save your ‘good one’ from getting soiled, I like the colored ones as they hide the stains more than the white ones. A baby wedge, great for reflux as it keeps their head elevated, also when baby has a cold and is finding it hard to breathe it helps. My 11 month old still uses her wedge when necessary. Video monitor, feeding chair and blackout curtains (great in summer). Tracey

 What item could you not do without in your nursery? Share below

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  1. Liz says:

    For our little man we went with a stag theme! Cute and rustic!
    I also love my potterybarn wingback nursery rocking chair!