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Everyone Needs Mummas Little Helpers

mummas little helperEver been on your hands and knees under the high chair picking up smooshed peas and grated carrot and thought, blooming heck, there must be a better way than this…? Well guess what girls – get up off the floor and pay attention – we’ve discovered the Mumma’s Little Helper that you need. Literally.

Designed by a mother that knew this feeling oh-too-well, Lyndsey was an enthusiastic adopter of baby lead weaning but struggling with the mess that her 9 month old was making when charged with feeding himself. There must be a way to affordable, conveniently and practically keep the food off the floor she thought…  The idea of the Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher was born.

What is the Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher?

The Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher is a cleverly designed accessory that attaches with Velcro to a standard four-leg high chair. Soft to touch but waterproof it conveniently scoops all the food and water that baby sends flying for easy pick up after eating. There’s no scrubbing the floors, picking up pieces or mopping up spills, all the debris is neatly contained for easy binning. If the Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher is in a bad state (think spaghetti bolognaise!) it’s completely machine washable and quick drying, if its just a few bits of carrot a wipe is all it needs.

mummas little helper high chairWho needs a Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher?

Everyone! But you can’t live without one if you have:

  • A space where you feed the baby that’s on carpet! End the nightmare of your carpet looking like a Pro-Hart inspired camouflage print; the Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher will protect your flooring. Quality carpeting is an investment – protect it with this affordable solution.
  • A kid that eats like it’s feeding time at the zoo! Let’s be honest, that’s almost all of them. From the gravity lovers who just like the science experiment of letting it drop to the floor to the messy eaters and sensory seekers who just love to feel that squishing between their fingers, whatever the reason your child can’t keep the food on the tray it’s solved by Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher.
  • A mild inkling that you are losing your mind. You know that old saying, doing the same thing over and over with the same result is the definition of insanity? Yep, many of us Mums have felt it. Well get up of your knees and stop scraping whatever that green stuff is from the floorboards with a butter knife, your days of food on the floor (and questionable sanity!) are over!
  • A busy life and need to save time! Being a Mum is hectic. Whether you work full time, have a tribe of children or simply like to not spend your spare minutes on mundane tasks the Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher is a precious time saver.

mummas little helper highchairMumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher is available online. At Baby Hints and Tips we give this Australian designed idea a double thumbs up. One because we love its ease of cleaning and the convenience it brings to our homes and two because we’ll never hit our head on the high chair getting up off the floor again. At under $40 you can’t live without a Mumma’s Little Helper Food Catcher either!

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