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Experiences with abdominal separation

Wondering if anyone has had any experience with abdominal separation (Diastasis recti)? I gave birth 9 weeks ago and wanted to know how long it took for them to go back together?

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  • mine separated the width of 2 hands when I was pregnant with my twins. I wore a support band from the hospital physio and did the exercises they gave me to do also walked as much as I could manage (just around the house cause I had c section) I found I tired out so quick because of not having any core strength. I was much better by 6 months later. Then completely repaired by 10 months pp. Kristel
  • mine separated with #1 and I closed it from 2.5cm to 1cm before I fell pregnant with #2 when he was 15 months old then it opened up again to 2cm with #2 and I closed it almost completely before falling pregnant with #3 when she was 13 months, #3 is 11 days old and it didn’t open up this time, ask your gp for some exercises to work on Bec
  • I had a 5cm gap and although I should’ve done something about it I didn’t… But they went back together in no time. Personally I think it was breastfeeding that helped because my uterus shrunk back so fast and I think my muscles naturally went back with it. Elena
  • 7.5mths and I’m down from 7cm to 2.5cm. That’s with wearing the support shorts, twice weekly physio and daily prescribed exercises in between that are supposed to help it. It’s a work in progress! Nikita
  • Almost 7 years later Im still waiting. But pregnant again now. There are belly bands and physio exercises that can help. Kylie
  • i got told they dont go back together…mine split when i was pregnant and i was told by the GP that the only way they’ll join again is by surgery…you can still slightly feel the split if you press on my stomach. Kate
  • Mine was 6cm after birth and went back to about 1 by 12 weeks. I wore the supportive pants that they gave me in hospital and also did some exercises from the physio. Natalie
  • my baby is 9 weeks. After birth I was told my separation was extreme, 2 weeks later at was 2cm and at a month it was 0.5cm. I used some gentle Pilates exercises 5mins a day. Rebekah
  • check out the Facebook page pregnancy exercise. They help people with abdominal separation during and after pregnancy Gabrielle
  • 12 years and counting Kyra
  • I had 4cm gap and been using SRC recovery pants from day 6. At 6 weeks checkup, OB said no separation, all healed Jessie

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