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Fancy pinwheel cupcake toppers

how to make cupcake toppersLearn how to make cupcake toppers with these simple, easy and impressive Pinwheels by Kim of Kimmy’s Cake Toppers. They will bring that wow factor to your own freshly baked cupcakes.

They will suit any party theme, from a Frozen party to a Super Hero party (and everything in between), just choose colours to compliment your theme and you’ve elevated your own home-baked cupcakes from mumsy to marvellous! These are also a great cupcake topper for adult birthdays, plus they’ll suit both boys and girls.

You will need:

Square cutter approx 5cm
Cmc powder or tylose (available from cake decorating supply shops)
Craft knife
Small paint brush
Coloured fondant
Small rolling pin
Cling wrap
Baking paper


Step 1: Lightly coat a ball of fondant with the cmc or tylose powder. Knead fondant until the powder is completely mixed in.

Easy pinwheel cupcakes step 2

Step 2: Roll out fondant to approximately 2-3 mm thickness and cut square shape. Cover the remaining rolled out fondant in sheet of cling wrap while you work on each pinwheel. This will prevent it from drying out too quickly.

Easy pinwheel cupcakes step 3

Step 3: Leaving some space in the centre cut outward to each corner.

Easy pinwheel cupcakes step 4

Step 4: Place a small dab of water in the centre using your paintbrush. Bring each second corner into the centre and stick onto the dab of water. Be careful not to completely fold fondant

Step 5: Roll a tiny piece of fondant into a ball and using water stick it where all the edges have joined in the centre. Using the other end of your paintbrush, gently push it down to flatten slightly. Run your finger gently around any rough edges to smooth.

Easy pinwheel cupcakes step 5

Step 6: Allow to air dry on baking paper and then they will be ready to use on your cake or cupcakes. These can be made in advance and later applied to fresh baked cupcakes. Store them until required in an open container in a cool dry place (cupboard) so they keep their shape. Don’t store in the fridge!

Easy pinwheel cupcakes step 6

Kim AlfordAbout the author: Kim Alford is the owner of Kimmy’s Cake Toppers. She makes cake decorations
and figurines for any and every occasion. Her business was born just before her son’s second birthday when chemo had made her too sick to create the cake she had initially planned for. Necessity being the mother of invention she added a self-made topper to a simple buttercream cake. Seeing his delight an idea was born. Kim realised that her hidden talent was in creating special toppers that everyday Mums could use to adorn their own home made cakes. Kim’s children Olivia (8) and Travis (5) are her biggest fans. You can see her work and more great ideas for home cooks on her Facebook page Kimmy’s Cake Toppers. 

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