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Woolworths Cakes – Utterly Delicious Mud Cake Hacks

Woolworths Cakes – or Coles Mud Cakes, IGA Brand Mud Cakes….they’re all sooo good and so easy to dress up for your next big celebration.  Aussie mums are going mad for Coles and Woolies’ cake hacks and we’ve got some utterly delicious inspiration for you!

The ultimate cheap birthday cake!

woolworths cakes chocolate caramel vanilla

Mums love the humble Woolworths cake because they’re usually around $5 each and are thick and gooey inside.  They’re also solid!  That means no drooping, they’re simple to assemble and layer without fear of epic cake fails!  They’re perfect for little people obsessed with lollies, colours or even super heroes.  Here’s some inspiration from Australian mums for the humble Woolworths cake.

Woolworths cake inspiration for little people

wooloworths dump truck cake chocolate

Candy’s cake shows how with a little creativity can go a long way! To make this extra cheap make sure to pick up the dump trucks from your local op-shop or $2 store.

wooloworths cakes superhero cake chocolate

Danika says “my son gave me a guide as to what he wanted and I tried to do it as most cost effective as possible.”

woolworths cake lollipops green blue

Deanna’s cake shows how far some coloured icing and yummy treats can go!

woolworths cakes blue lolly cake

Julie’s cake would be perfect for a princess or fairy themed birthday!

woolworths cakes lollipop mermaid theme

Kira-Jane’s creation would be a little kid’s dream!

woolworths cakes superheros lollipops

You could make Danielle’s cake into any theme you want with different action figures!

woolworths cakes pink musk sticks lollipops

Allison’s cake is perfect for any pink fanatic! How gorgeous!

woolworths cakes lollipops and lollies

You could remake Bec’s cake covered with you child’s favourite lollies!

woolworths cakes pink drip icing macarons

Kaitlyn’s creation has something for everyone – cake for the kids and macarons for the adults!

woolworths cakes blue purple and pink with white drip icing

Marita says “I love making my daughter cakes with the mud cake hack, it’s so much easier.”

woolworths cakes gummy bears lollypops

While Lisha used this for a 9th birthday party, with some simple alterations it could be used for people of all ages!

woolworths cakes hulk mint chocolate

I’m sure Tanya’s little one had a smashing time with this cake!

woolworths cakes 6th birthday strawberries chocolate

Filomena’s cake is perfect if your child can’t decide what they want!

woolworths cakes sour worms lollies musk sticks

Jody’s cake has everyone’s favourite sweet treats

Birthday cake inspiration for older kids

woolworths cake chocolate waterfall

The decorations on Lauren’s cake could be easily replaced with your kid’s favourite chocolates

woolworths cake kit kats mnms waterfall

Sandra’s gorgeous cake could be made for different sized groups of people by layering the Woolworths cakes on top of eachother

Krystle’s cake is perfect for big fans of colour!

woolworths cakes kit kats chocolates

Marian’s elegant cake would work well for older children!

Woolworths cake for kids rainbow birthday partyCovered in buttercream.  Rainbow is made of fondant (be sure to let it completely dry for 24-48 hours before putting it on the cake) and the figurines are plastic. Credit

woolworths cakes easter bunny cholocate eggs

Julie’s cake is perfect for easter and shows how you can layer different flavours of Woolworths cakes.

3 tier pink birthday cake using woolworths premade cakeMish made a 3 tier Woolies white chocolate mudcake birthday cake.  Tips: I prefer a mix of salted and unsalted butter in the buttercream.  It offsets the sweetness a bit better and a cake turning wheel makes it really easy to decorate.

Elegant birthday cakes for grown ups

woolworths cake

Carley’s gorgeous creation is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

woolworths cake salter caramel popcorn

Tia’s cake shows how you can use several Woolworths cakes to make a beautiful layered cake!

woolworths cakes elegant chocolate cake

Libby’s masterpiece shows the amazing (and delicious) potential of some simple decoration!

woolworths cakes mnms chocolate 40th

Kirsty says ” It was the first cake I’d done like that so I was pretty happy with how it turned out.”

woolworths cake chocolate

Felicia shows how anyone can make elegant cakes for cheap saying “I’m no professional, just home taught”

woolworths cakes chocolate elegant drip icing

Lauren’s creation shows how drip icing can look elegant and purposeful

woolworths cake caramel naked birthday cake



Covered in simple buttercream.  Covered in tinned caramel with artificial flowers. Credit

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