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Best tips for Feeding your baby

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Describe the best tip you have for feeding your baby.

  • Get them to have a full feed by ticking their ears, rubbing their feed (this keeps them awake to full feed). Mother of Poppy 3, Harry 21 months
  • Feeding her semi upright – to help reflux. Mother of Kayla 4.5months.
  • Find a comfortable position for feeding to prevent getting back problems. It helps to support your baby on a pillow (triangle pillows are good). Mother of Isabelle 5 months.
  • Learn to feed baby lying down in bed. This is relaxing and so nice when the two of you drift off to sleep together. Mother of 2.
  • I would get up every time I fed during the night and watch television, otherwise I would fall asleep during feeding.  I would wake up uncomfortable and baby was ready for her next feed. This left me tired and irritable. When I watch television I am more alert can make sure baby has a good feed and I get back to bed quickly to get a little rest before the next feed. Mother of Mia 9 months.
  • Dreamfeed – from private lactation consultant and feeding books. Going from bottle back to breast – reintroduce slowly, change 1 thing each day, e.g. morning feed when most hungry give breast. Initially express more to build up a storage of milk which is frozen just in case you need to go out or he’s really hungry. Particularly if milk flow slows down. Mother of Chase 20 months
  • Not to stress too much about breastfeeding because formulas are good, can be a great booster if not getting enough breastmilk and also offer flexibility. there is so much pressure to breastfeed, even from some of the nurses I encountered. Listening to the kinder, more practical and less opinionated ones was helpful. Also to be persistent. I would never have thought it would be so challenging as it took a few weeks before it all got going. I can see why many can’t. Mother of Annick 3y.
  • Change babies nappy if they fall asleep during a feed then put them on again for more milk. This means they have a bigger feed and hopefully can go longer between feeds. Mother of Blair 7 months.
Do you have any general feeding tips? Add them below.

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