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Baby finger food – snacks for younger babies

baby finger foodsBaby Finger Food Ideas: I just wondered what (if any) finger foods i can give my 6 month old who hasnt got teeth yet?

  • Everything except nuts and little choking hazards! You’d be surprised what they gum through! We love prunes, banana, pikelets, steamed vege sticks, homemade ice pops, rusk sticks, omelette or boiled egg Jessica
  • Give them any type of finger food! Look up baby led weaning for some great tips. Sandwiches cut into soldiers, soft veggie sticks, even meat cut up into strips make great baby finger food. My 2nd bub was eating broccoli florets and steak strips at 4 mths – they don’t so much eat them as mush them with their gums & suck the juices out. It’s about learning textures, tastes and having fun. Nikster
  • My dd ate soft things like potato chips fried in oven, baked vegetables, cheese (the sticks are awesome) and biscuits. Just give them stuff off your plate and you’ll soon know what they can and can’t handle with no teeth. You’ll be surprised. Tash
  • Look up baby led weaning. You cab give anything you’re eating! Melissa
  • U will be surprised what they manage to mush up with their gums, pretty much anything makes perfect baby finger food. Bethany
  • my bub is 6.5 months. he eats most things like pasta, toast, steam vegies, roast vegies. he’s always preferred food not pureed. He usually eats whatever is on my plate. I just watch closely for choking. but no problems. checkout baby led weaning Michelle
  • don’t worry, their front teeth aren’t for chewing anyway, the mostly just gum their food into soggy small enough bits to swallow. People normally say toast, I started mine on wholemeal bread, then soft chunks of cooked veggies. Kahlia
  • my baby chewed chunky steak strips at 8 months with no teeth. You’ll be surprised! Look up baby led weaning. Anette
  • My bub mostly ate finger food from 5m and only got teeth at 8m!!! Just think really soft – steamed veggies were a winner and peas if they can use the pincer grasp (great for teaching them those skills!) Bianca
  • I give my 5 1/2 month old who is teething but hasn’t quite cut his first one yet cooked pumpkin, potatoes(skin off), boiled apples(not fully soft), he also seems to really go for cooked pasta and likes to gnaw on softened carrots… pretty much anything I cook for myself hubby and 13 yr old I will give a taste to bubs (providing its easy for him to eat). Kerry
  • my 6month old son has the milk arrowroot biscuits & teething rusks, Jess

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 What are your suggestions for baby finger foods?

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