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First Birthday Party Food Ideas

Birthday party food (Custom)Can mums suggest some finger food for my baby’s first birthday the party will have a broad range of ages of children and adults. Kids ages from 1 yr – through to 16 yrs old.

  •  Fairy bread, cupcakes, various sandwiches, crackers cheese and kabana, carrot sticks with dip, party pies and sausage rolls, cocktail Frankfurt’s.    Courtney
  •  Crackers or Turkish bread and carrot/cucumber/capsicum sticks and dip/cheese, marinated chicken wings, cob loaf dip, fruit platter or skewers, sausage rolls (home made are really easy and you have a better idea of what is in them!), Cheerios, finger sandwiches, sushi platter, mini hot dogs, noodle boxes with stir fry.   Sarah
  •  Fruit kebabs, marshmallow with nutella spread on top dipped in 100s & 1000s, fairy bread.    Amy
  •  I’m snatching an idea from a gf….avocado sandwiches and vegemite and cheese sandwiches….just use cute cookie cutters to shape. (To fit your theme or first letter of child’s name) fresh fruit is always good too.   Stephanie
  •  I did chocolate coated strawberries, savoury muffins, mini quiches, fairy bread, finger sandwiches, we had a few chips & natural lollies as well as a sausage sizzle & you can’t go wrong with cheerios no matter the age.   Ally
  •  We had a brunch. I did cut up fruit, mini egg & bacon quiches, cheesy mite scrolls and croissants with cheese & tomato, and ham and cheese. Along with the birthday cake I had three jars if cookies to go with tea and coffee. We also had a range of ages and this food seemed to cover all.    Emily
  •  Fruit kebabs and veggie cups, carrots, celery ect with a dip in the bottom.   Nicole
  •  I did little cups of fruit salad and fruit skewers so they safe for the little ones, and big ones too!    Kim


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