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Best car for 3 car seats

best car for 3 car seatsWe seem to get a lot of car seat questions so we thought we’d ask a generic question. For those that have 3 children in car seats; what seats do you have and what car do they fit into?


  • Ford Territory with Safe n Sound Ahr Meridian x 2 and Safe n Sound Maxi Rider x 1 – Rebecca
  • I have a barina… In January I’ll need 3 car seats… Can’t see that happening! Haha – Samantha
  • 2 maxis and a hi liner. All safe and sound of course – Lisa
  • Toyota Kluger grande 09 with a safe & sound rear facing for newborn plus one forward facing for 18mo then a maxi rider ahr in the middle for almost 5yo! I have rear 2 seats available if I take the pram out… Plenty of space – Kirstene
  • I can fit 3 safe and sound maxi riders in my 2008 commodore sedan with comfort – Tameka
  • I have a Holden Astra SRi 2door coupe and I had my 2 nieces over last week & I had 3 car seats all properly fitted in there. It was snug but the girls had a great time. They are all safe & sound car seats. My nieces are 3yrs old, 20month old & my daughter is 11month old – Ash
  • And just As an extra bit of information a Ford Territory is one of the widest cars on the market making 3 across fairly easy no matter what seats – Taryn
  • Infa- Comfi for 4y and 7y harnessed.  Rear facing neon for 2y and 7y harnessed.   Rear facing neon for 2y.  In a Holden by – Tegan
  • All safe n sound – 2 r maxi riders and no. 3 is from birth, I have a 06 Nissan Pathfinder – fits the 3 seats perfectly – Jenna
  • I have a Tuscon city, hyndahi. My car seats are one safe n sound meridian and two sound n sound hi liners. All three fit across the back perfectly. Plenty of room. The hi liners are the narrowest boosters on the market and the safest has they have the glide slide to keep seat belt at waist – Kiralee
  • We have a Subaru Outback and fit across the back a safe n sound unity capsule, safe n sound maxi rider (harnessed) and Infa Secure Vario Max booster. Not a mm to spare –Kylie
  • I have a 2009 outback and have a forward facing s&s AHR. We will need a 2nd seat soon and so I’m upgrading to a Prado, I can’t believe you have 3 seats! I have the drivers seat all the way back and couldn’t possibly have a seat behind it – Cheryl
  • Ford falcon, a capsule and two reversible 5 point harness seats. Unsure of makes, one is a safe and sound, others mothers choice if I recall correctly. Capsule came with my strider plus – Alice
  • I currently have 4 in mine  (have had 5) I drive an 03 Pajero and have 2 infasecure racing kid 6mth-7yrs, and a safety first 4-7yr (forget the name) across middle and then in rear I have 2 safe n sound 4-7yr boosters as well  I have also had it arranged with a safe n sound 0-4yr seat in the middle minus one of the other seats and never had a problem – Amy
  • I have a Territory. 2x mothers choice (1 raptor in harness mode 1 Nobel in seatbelt mode) & a infa secure komoressor caprice Rf – Jess
  • Territory, at them moment I have 2 maxi riders and meridian, all safe and sound, all fits easily across – Kelly
  • Safe and sound seats in my Mazda CX-9 – Em
  • I have 7 kids and a 8 seater prado. I can fit 2 boosters and 1 capsule in the very rear 3 seats, and another capsule in the middle side seat with two more kids and the oldest sits up front – Karlee
  • 3 safe n sound maxiriders in a Ford territory – Kerry-Anne
  • Subaru forester, 2 maxi rider easy adjust and a rear facing SnS Compaq – Emily
  • Holden cruze with Infasecure 6m-8yr, old Babylove 0-4y & the safe & sound 0-4 (still rear facing) all 3 also fit front facing also – Kathleen
  • Infa vario – landcruiser 200 series altitude – Leanne
  • Mistubishi ASX. 2 x Maxi Rider AHR and 1 x Compaq AHR –Alaina
  • I have 3 children I drive a territory, 2 kids are in high liners and one is in one of those convertible seats. Plenty of space for the 3 car seats and then some – Analise
  • A safe n sound compaq and 2x safe n sound hi-liners. They fit in my commodore wagon and my dodge journey – Colby
  • 04 falcon with a infa secure booster, mothers choice booster thing and will soon have a mothers choice baby seat .. Bit of a tight fit when it comes to doing the seatbelts.. But its not too bad – Tori
  • Have an 09 Mazda BT-50. Fits 3 across easily – Tina
  • All my seats are infa secure and i have a kia carnival – Jonelle
  • Nissan Pathfinder, rear facing safe and sound, safe and sound booster harnessed and a slimline booster. Tight squeeze but perfect for me. Rear facing is in centre, 2 older kids on outside – Emma
  • Mitsubishi challenger – 2 infasecure caprice and an infasecure toddler seat not sure which one – TinaHyundai Elantra – 2 safe and sound compaq and one of those infasecure folding booster seat
  • I have my twins in two infa rally’s and my singleton in a safe and sound compaq in a ford territory 7 seater, in the other car we have our twins in two safety 1st custodian plus 2 and the singleton in a infa glider and that’s in a vy commodore sedan – Julie
  • 2x safe sound maxi rider. 1x safe sound ahr 0-4 yrs – Chantelle
  • A Suzuki s-cross, I have 2 in boosters (6 and 4 years old) and one in a birth up as she is 2 and still needs a harness chair. They fit well, and you can fit your hand in to do the seat belts up – Jolene
  • Toyota camry mothers choice rear facing, infasecure 6m- 8yr booster in the middle and mothers choice 6m-8 yr booster. Its a tight fit lol – Tarsha
  • 2 x Infa Comfi & 1 x Infa Vario – Alison
  • We have a 2010 kluger. With 2 Safe & Sound Meridian AHR Tilt & Adjusts for our 3yr old twins and a Safe & Sound (can’t remember the name, but it has the blue insert) for our 5 month old singleton. It’s a tight fit but they fit – Louise
  • Landrover Discovery – Maxi Rider Easy Adjust, Infasecure Rallye & a rear facing Safe & Sound AHR Meridian – GabrielleI fit 3 forward facing seats in my old car, i40 wagon. I know that one seat is a 0-4yr convertible safe-&-sound. The other 2 were a friend’s but both were safe-&-sound for a 1yo and a 3yo. We had the top of the range i40 wagon which had 1.5 times the foot space for both rows of seats. – Tamarra
  • Ford territory. Safe n sound convertible 0-4yrs, safe n sound maxi rider & safe n Sound hi liner. Fit easily – Kym
  • Mitsubishi grandis 2 safe n sound hi liners in the 3rd row and one safe n sound meridian ahr in the middle row – Rhonda
  • Toyota Camry mothers choice booster. Mothers choice 6mth to 7yrs. And a safe and sound up to 18kg older style re facing and front facing. The mothers choice booster s and 6mth to 7yrs are really skinny bases. I can also take one of the mother choice seats and put my safe and sound maxi rider 6mth to 7yrs but it is much tighter and not as usable – Nikki
  • I have two mothers choice convertible seats. One rear facing one forward facing and one in a booster seat. Booster is behind driver, then rear facing then forward facing. And they fit comfortably in a 2008 holden ve commodore – Nicole
  • Dont know how you do it, my 2002 corolla sedan barely fits 2 seats in it have the 0-8 infasecure and a safe n sound capsule ready for bub #2 due 18th of this month – Carrie
  • I have a mini cooper countryman. Newborn in safe n sound compac ahr. 2 and 4 yr old in x2 custodians – Melissa
  • We have a Ford XR6 with 2 Safety 1st Custodian Plus II Convertible boosters and a Safe N Sound Unity Capsule. Once bubba out of capsule will be rear facing in a Infasecure Neon. We had to change from our x2 Infasecure Comfi Caprice when bubba number 3 came along as they have very wide wings. It took a lot of research to get the right combo to fit as our XR6 has a moulded back seat making it tricky. Beautiful fit now  – Tarryn
  • Toyota kluger grande 2008 with 3x infa secure neons (2 forward facing & 1 rear facing) fits like a dream for my 3 under 3! Mr 7yo is in the 3rd row of seating with plenty of room  plus I fit a double city select & buggy pod io side cart in there- Renee
  • We fit 3 easily in our vw amarok. That was with friends kids in the car. 2x safe and sound meridians rear facing and a mothers choice forward facing for a 3year old – Elise
  • We have the Infasecure Rallye convertible booster seats for our twins who will be 3 in February. They fit perfectly in our 2002 Toyota Landcruiser with room enough for an adult to fit between them – Emma
  • Hopefully I get the names right. Safe n sound hi lo slim seat for my 4yo; safe n sound premier for 2 1/2yo and a safe n sound unity capsule. And we have a 2012 Toyota kluger grande – Emma
  • X2 SNS hiliner sg and x1 infasecure evolve. Also have a ‘spare’ infasecure ?vario that we use for extra 4-7yo passenger. We have a VW multivan – Nicole
  • I’ve had two babylove ezycombo booster seats in harness mode and a peg perego capsule across the back seat of a 13 jeep grand Cherokee – Rachel
  • 2003 Holden Berlina sedan, infasecure rallye, rf sns guardian and rf sns meridian – Jaqcui
  • I have had 3 across my 04 Prado, 2 maxi riders harness mode and a rearfacing infascure 0-8- Charlotte
  • 2 maxi riders in the back of my commodore with plenty of room for a third. I got the executive wagon to fit them – Claire
  • Ford territory. 2 x Maxi AHR and 1 Meridiam SICT – Melissa
  • My back seat at the moment – Toyota Camry with three safe n sound maxi rider easy adjusts (all harness mode) have also had 2 x unity capsules and MREA or 2 x MREA and 1 x meridian RF – Kate
  • Toyota Prado with 2 SnS Compaqs (one ff and 1 rf), and a Mother’s Choice Nobel – Maryanne
  • I have a falcon and have a maxi cosi air, britax hi liner and infasecure 0-8 seat in mine – Kaylah
  • Safe & Sound Hi liners we have a ford territory and a nissan elgrand – Natalie
  • I have a mixture of seats, one is pretty wide at the top. My car is a bit different than most…. A 92 V8 Lexus. Seats fit across the back without a drama – Tara
  • Kia grand carnival- great car & we have the executive model so all the perks for comfort… We have 3 child seats Safe n Sound Ahr Meridian x 1 & Safe n Sound Maxi Rider x 2 – Kristy
  • Mitsubishi Outlander will fit 3 seats in the back – Alex
  • Grand Kia carnival. 3 in Infa-secure 6mth to 6-8yr seats and newbaby will be in steelcraft capsule – Jasmine
  • 3 seats don’t fit in a nissan dualis+2 unless you want zero boot space then you can have 2 boosters in rear 2 seats and 2 capsules/seats in middle row – Eleesa
  • I have a holden gemini and a hi pod, booster cushion and a mothers choice fit in it, my commodore and the dual cab – Abby
  • I have a Prado with 2 Safe n Sounds, one is rear facing, and a booster seat – unsure of the brand – Lianne

 Do you manage to fit 3 carseats in the car comfortably?  Tell us what car you drive

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