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Little Rockers Radio Station

Little Rockers Radio StationIf you’ve even been in the car and found yourself awkwardly trying to explain erectile dysfunction to a toddler you’ll be jumping at the idea of Little Rockers Radio Station.

There is nothing worse than hearing your small child sing ‘You’re a good girl, must wanna get nasty…’ or similarly inappropriate lyrics from something they’ve innocently heard on the radio. But what’s a Mum to do?

Turn off that cringe-worthy FM station and put away those DVDs you’ve listened to twenty-thousand-blooming-times, we’ve your answer…

Switch on Little Rockers Radio.

Created by an award winning Mum Little Rockers is a free online radio music station that plays safe, appropriate and family-friendly music all day long. You’ll enjoy the tunes (and so will your little people!) but without the worry that your child will unwittingly hear something ‘not safe for small ears!’

With a focus on learning, education and entertainment Little Rockers has a daily program that incorporates music, nursery rhymes, songs and best of all – no ads!

There’s lots of highlights for my family during the day with Little Rockers Radio here’s some you should be sure to check out:

little rockers radio stationDaily Story Time

In conjunction with The File Mile Press every day at 11am and 5pm you can take some time out with your precious little person and enjoy a new book. Whether you cuddle on the couch as preface to nap time, pop it on while they eat morning tea or use it as a chance to tear around the house and do a few jobs while they are entertained, story time is not to be missed. Shhhhhhhhhh!

Fun-Key Yoga

It seems silly but – yes – you can actually do yoga by the radio! Tune in daily at 2pm and the kids (and yourself if you’re feeling nimble) can embark on a yoga journey of discovery. From under the sea to in the jungle it’s a ten-minute session which develops listening, motor skills and imagination. If you’re not confident you can do the poses just by listening download a how-to guide from the website. Namaste!

little rockers radio stationBed Time with Little Rockers Radio

There are two elements to the bedtime routine with Little Rockers Radio that I personally think are amazing! Firstly, we love the Smiling Mind Meditations as part of our evening unwinding. It’s perfect for children and helps with calmness, bringing mindfulness and reflection to the day that’s just been and primes my children for sleep. Secondly, I am a huge fan of the lullabies from 7pm. I adore classical music myself and the choices are perfect for drifting little people off to the land of nod! Let’s be frank, anything that makes kids and mummies enjoy bedtime a little more is a win in my books! Be sure to check it out! So, tomorrow morning Mum why not give Little Rockers Radio a try? Download it here. Best of all, it’s free – and who knows what kind of magical, music-filled day you might enjoy?

Let us know if you’ve tried Little Rockers Radio with your family. We’d love to hear what programs you like best!

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