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Frank Breech Baby – Preparing for Delivery

frank-breechI’m scared. My first birth was natural quick and uncomplicated; with only gas and no tears, excepting that she was 6weeks early. 15mths later I am three weeks out and my baby is frank breech. A vaginal birth seems like it might be far from natural with the doctor threatening me with an episiotomy, epidural and stirrups or a C-section. Both scare me. Has anyone had a vaginal frank breech delivery? Was it horrendous and full of intervention? Is a c section good/bad? The last birth left me euphoric and full of love for my baby- will I feel the same if any of this comes to pass?

  • I think you need to adjust your thinking about your OB “threatening” you. They are just trying to do their job and deliver the baby with minimum danger to yourself and your baby. This isn’t a dr being overly invasive to fit his golf schedule, this is a difficult delivery. Your dr is trying to be honest about the interventions that might be necessary to deliver this baby. I understand you desire to deliver naturally, however each baby and each birth is different and I think you should listen calmly to the advice of your dr. My first birth was difficult posterior (not nearly as awkward as a frank breech) and he ended up getting stuck and I had failed vacuum, forceps and a massive episiotomy. I wish I had a c-section. But at the end of the day my baby was born and was healthy. My second was in a good position and delivered easily with gas only (not my choice – I wanted an early epidural) At end end of the day, both babies were healthy and we all recovered and I don’t look on either experience as horrendous. Grace
  • A c section won’t make you love your baby any less I love my son so much it hurts and I had a c section Claire
  • Adjust your way of thinking about birth first. The only truly natural birth has nothing, no gas, no panadol, just a mum and her body… not many people can say they do this. With medical advancements to ensure the safety of mum and bub, the new age “natural” is a mum that does whatever is necessary to ensure the safest delivery for her and her baby. If this means you have a c-sect it doesn’t matter, so long as you get a healthy baby at the end. My first was emergency c-sect after 35 hours labour and I don’t think I could possibly love her any more than I do. I’m having another baby in less than 2 weeks and due to a few pregnancy complications I have chosen c-sect again (originally wanted VBAC) because the stress of organising care for 16 month old, time off a new job for DP and all the other medical issues baby and I are facing was making me sick with worry. Definitely do things how you would like to, but all mums… actually all people in general, need to stop thinking that vaginal birth is the “right” and “natural” way. Yes our bodies were built for that task but sometimes it just doesn’t go according to plan and that’s life. Good luck, I hope you get the birth experience you dream of and a happy and safe bundle in your arms Lisa
  • And for the comments about healthy breach babies being born – yes there may be some happy stories however it’s fact that there is more risk involved for both baby and mother. We’re lucky in this modern day to have other options like surgery and that’s why maternal death rates during childbirth are a lot better than a hundred years ago, when women routinely died during childbirth – don’t be forgetting this. Emma
  • Breech babies can be born safely without stirrups/episiotomy etc. the trouble is it’s so hard to find someone with experience delivering breech babies. YES the risks are slightly higher than cephalic presentation, but guess what? A c section carries risks for mum and baby too. (Blood loss, infection, more babies with breathing difficulties). So I would challenge people who are saying “have a c section – all that matters is a healthy baby.” Of course a healthy baby is important, but mums feelings are important too. I believe it does matter how a baby enters the world, as a traumatic birth can really affect the transition to motherhood. Most of all, the doctor should not be “threatening” you with anything. It’s your body and your choice. Research care providers in your area who have a different approach to breech birth. All the best x x Emma
  • I think it’s important to do get yourself some evidence rather than anecdotal stories. Here is a link to Breech Birth Australia & New Zealand and their page with all the studies that have been done on vaginal breech birth and planned c-sec for breech. http://www.breechbirth.net/the-evidence-on-breech-birth.html And here is their Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/breech/ I would also think you need to be wary of any doctor who is threatening you with anything. Its not consent if you’re afraid to say no or disagree. Your body, your baby, your choice. All the best Shara
  • I had an elective C-section. Sure I was nervous cause I had no idea what to expect, it is after all major abdominal surgery. But, it was the most wonderful experience. It was calm, serene and everything was controlled. You are patiently waiting for the moment when the doctor says “He’s (she’s) here”. My recovery was awesome and I got heaps of support from the midwives and was in hospital for 6 days after which I was completely pain free. I would choose another elective C-section in a heartbeat. Amber
  • I’ve had two csections and hate when people talk bad about them. Yes it’s kind of major surgery but you still get to see your baby as soon as their born! Recovery depends on how tough you are. I was up moving around as soon as they let me! It didn’t interfere with me Breast feeding both either. My first my son was breach my second (in march of this year) could have been a VBAC but it was good I didn’t Bc my placenta had deeply attached to my wall requiring more internal stitches. Does it really matter how their born as long as baby is safe and healthy Amy
  • The experience I had was very dramatic – for both mum and bub – I was on obstetric placements and witnessed a mother attempt natural breech delivery – it was not progressing – she ended up under general anaesthetic to continue with the delivery – baby was legs out only and the head had not delivered – 4th degree episiotomy and flat baby – when consulting with doc and midwives post delivery it was clear that the mother was adamant for a natural regardless – risking both their lives –
    You have a lot of time for turning yet, and to educate yourself and partner ( the husband in this case was mortified as he had wanted earlier intervention ie c sect) i think it’s vital that you keep them up to date with your ideas and plans so you have someone in the room to help you make the decision C sects are very safe these days and you’ll get your baby either way – it’s a beautiful amazing moment no matter how its reached!! Good luck! Amelia
  • I have delivered two frank breech babies. No extra intervention, no tears, stirrups or episiotomy. The drs that delivered them were fantastic and experienced. I found there was no difference in pain level (but I do have a high pain threshold). It is possible. You still have time to weigh up the pros and cons. Research and make sure YOU are informed of your choices. If you choose to deliver naturally then you also need to accept that you may need to be taken in for a section. Also check on size of bub. My breeches were smaller than my biggest (1st) baby. At the end of the day if you are comfortable with your Dr then you need to place your trust in them too. They only want to have a healthy mum and baby

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