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Getting older children ready for school routine

Back to schoolHow do you get older children back into a routine ready for school again?

  •  Start a week b4 aprox getting up early bed early n beong ready by a certain time.  Julie
  •  As me Julie said start the week before & make lunches night before and bedtimes the night before.  Melysa
  •  With my kids about two weeks before school starts bedtime etc reverts back to school times.. mean time enjoy the holidays with your babies.   Kim
  •  Slowly get bedtime and waking time back to school routine over the last couple of weeks of the holidays. Spend more time doing learning based activities ie reading, drawing, writing in those weeks too.   Ky
  •  About a week before school starts we make bedtime progressively earlier and wake them up earlier.   Jo
  •  I usually start a few days before. My dd is always excited to go, so usually there’s no problems.   Natasha
  •  A week before school starts I get them back on routine.   Laura
  •  I have never had to wake my children up except if we were going on a road trip and leaving at midnight. So things are just the same and they are the ones excited about going back to school so no dramas. Bedtimes are pretty much always the same here.   Kristy
  •  Keep to the same morning an evening routine throughout the holidays.   Steph
  •  Start the school bedtime routine a week before. Have everything with child’s name on it during that week also.   Jacinta

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