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Bright Star Kids labels for School

Heading back to school can be a bit of a headache when you are feeling disorganised, but Bright Star Kids is making the task easier.

Why do we love Bright Star Kids labels?

This year is a special year for us with our youngest enrolled to start Pre-K at the same school as her big sister. We now have two lots of school uniforms, two hats, two bags, two pencil cases full of stationery, two lunch boxes and two drink bottles. You get the idea. And after living through some of infants school with our first born, I now know firsthand not only how easy it is for little ones to misplace an item of clothing or stationery, but also how easily the other students get confused when it comes to identical school uniform items.

Bright Star Kids labels

If I had a dollar for every time a mum from our class has put an SOS out on Facebook saying “did anyone bring such and such’s hat home today?” I’d be retiring today. The brilliant news is, I’ve never had an item from our school kit go missing. Sure, they have been left on the oval at lunch time, but they have always been returned straight back to sender.

Bright Star Kids labels iron onto clothing easily and last! The clothes that I’ve used the permanent marker on the tag are the ones that I end up rummaging through the lost property basket searching for, but the ones with the bright clear labels have been waiting on my child’s desk first thing the next morning.

Bright Star Kids labels

Is it worth the money?

I label everything and I am yet to have to replace an item of clothing or stationery item sent to school. The price of the school label packs are really reasonable and are even on sale right now leading into the Back to School period which is a huge bonus! But one lost hat would cost me $20 to replace and a bomber jacket would be $80. I would much prefer to spend the extra and think of it as ‘uniform insurance’ because it has literally saved me countless times.

The other added bonus is the label designs are gorgeous and there are plenty of fun bright options to choose from! My kids love being involved in the process and picking their own label designs, and they love to help me sticking labels onto their bits and pieces. When they recognise their labels and get involved in the labelling process, they become more aware of their belongings and their responsibility to take care of it when it leave the house.

Bright Star Kids labels

What can I label?

You can order specific labels from Bright Star Kids, or you can go for a value pack like the Designer School Labels Value Kit. You get name labels, shoe labels, stick on labels, iron on labels, tiny pencil labels and subject labels. You can use them for everything from ironing onto school uniforms, hats, pencils, scissors, lunch boxes and drink bottles, back packs, socks and shoes!

What else can I get from Bright Star Kids?

You can also go for the personalised school supplies such as back packs with names on them which are perfect for daycare or sports bags! You can also get personalised lunch boxes and drink bottles meaning your labels can be used for other items! I also really love the bag tags which can be designed especially for your child (so if you have a name that is never on the key rings in the newsagent or toy shop – these are the best!) and right now they’re half price so be quick to add that to your order!


This is a sponsored post for Bright Star Kids.

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