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Gift ideas for First Time Dads!


They might not like to admit it but a man’s first Father’s Day is a huge milestone. While it might not mean they get diamonds, shopping sprees or flowers like mums do on Mother’s Day, it certainly doesn’t mean that they should feel any less special.

Something sentimental

This is something they will keep forever, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

You could print a photo of your partner or dad and the bub and put it in a nice frame. This is super easy and if you go to an instant photo printer, it could take less than 15 minutes.  Which makes it super achievable if you’ve got a little one in tow.

You may opt for a cute outfit for your bub that says ‘I love dad’, there are so many to choose from at different price ranges, it’s sweet but not too OTT sentimental, just enough to bring a proud grin on his face.

Something funny

You could wrap some clean nappies up with a little tag that says, ‘you’re the sh*t daddy!’

Matching socks and jocks for him and the bub, super practical with a side of cuteness.

Get a photo of your bub pulling funny faces printed onto a t-shirt, with text on it saying, ‘I made this rascals’.

Something yummy

A BIG breakfast that he can baby can enjoy. Let them make all the mess they want!

Bake him a cake and write the words ‘Best Daddy’ on it with icing or M&Ms.

Cook him his favourite meal, even if tyou’re not a fan. 

What our community suggested:

  • I wrote a little poem and got someone at the local markets to make it into a wood burning plaque for my partners first fathers day Michelle
  • Depends on the child’s age as well? My daughter is 8 months and I bought a white Billabong wallet and let her draw all over it. Tabatha
  • Our son was 2 months, so I decided to have him wear a onesie that said ‘Happy 1st Fathers Day Daddy’ & also give his dad his hand & foot impression. I also had a small family surprise party for my husband w/food, cake and balloons. Jessica
  • We did a first finger painting on an A3 canvas Ashlee
  • I’m doing a photo craft. I brought the big white letters to spell out DADDY and will take a photo of bub with each letter then put in a frame so the photos spell out daddy Rebekah
  • I’ve booked a mini photo session for my husband and our little girl, it’s his first Father’s Day and I thought their own photo session would be nice. These photos will also be nice presents for his parents come Christmas time. Kirri
  • A book about why he loves his Dad Nerissa

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